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Jones Memorial Singing (Cooper Book)

Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church, Opp, Alabama

Saturday, April 2, 2005

The annual Jones Memorial Singing was held on Saturday before the first Sunday in April at Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church in Opp, Alabama. The class was called to order by Chairman Mike Jones. Kennon Smith offered the opening prayer. The introductory lesson was led by Tim Jones leading 225t, 553b, and 63.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Mike Jones; Vice Chairman—John Etheridge; Secretary—Faye Jones.

Leaders: John Merritt 300, 65; Donna Bell 87, 75; Rodney Ivey 98, 497; Bud Oliver 440b, 563; Kennon Smith 189, 384; Coy Ivey 137, 559; Velton Chafin 336b, 355.


Michael Jones called the class back to order leading 450. Leaders: Myrtle Richburg 99; Milton Oliver 505; Brenda Merritt 76b; Margaret Spurlock 268; Lois Bonnell 82; Bob Bonnell 410; Billy Kelley 558; Ed Bass 507b; Waylon Cravey 84; Buster Merrill 68; John Etheridge 139; Frank Hataway 401; Learvene Bass 74b.


Wayne Jones led 134 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Aubrey Barfield 522; Ford Bulger 176t; Sam Schofield 85; Bufrey Dean 323b; Tommie Spurlock 172; J.A. Mosley 282; Paul King 133; Bill Aplin 72; LaShon Tillman 229; Brian Kelley 208; Joe Nall 183.


Dewayne Hawthorne called class to order leading 478. Leaders: Loretta Jones 144; Paulette Chavers 447t; Regina Grayson 270; Gerald Chavers 38b; Ernest Cockroft 422b; Linda Westbrook 348; Chip Westbrook 127. Tim Jones offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Mike Jones leading 159. Leaders: Hubert Nall 508; Michael Jones, Donna Jones, and Rhonda Harrison 515; Marlene Hughes 542; Christine Gandy 119; Thurman Nall 511b; Franklin Dillard 47b; Lera Ellison 285t; Cathy Parker, Cynthia Osborne, and Amanda Martin 341, 283b; Wilburn Ellison 31t, 45t; Eva Padgett 242; Bill Farris 275b; James Gardner 148; Agnes Farris 330t; Travis Gardner 73t; Vicki Aplin 329; Lois Bozeman 395b; Brad Wood 500; John Merritt 235.


The class was called to order by Mike Jones leading 36b. Leaders: Dewayne Hawthorne 111b; Michael Jones 447b; Brenda Merritt 572; Lois Bonnell 143; Bob Bonnell 199; Billy Kelley 491; Ed Bass 64; John Etheridge 408; Frank Hattaway 444.

After announcements were made, Mike Jones led 377b as the closing song. Tommie Spurlock offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Mike Jones; Vice Chairman—John Etheridge; Secretary—Faye Jones.