Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Missouri State Convention

Webster University Music Annex, St. Louis, Missouri

March 9-10, 1996

Saturday, March 9

The eleventh annual Missouri State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order at 9:30 a.m. in the Webster University Music Annex on the Webster University campus by the chairperson, Karen Isbell, who led the song on page 313b. The morning prayer was led by Jim Hearn. Other convention officers were: Vice Chairperson—Gary Gronau; Secretary and Arranging Committee—Rebecca Browne; Memorial Committee—Judy Mincey and Ted Mercer; Hospitality Committee—JoDell Albi; Sales and Registration Committee—Jeanette Lowry. Gary Gronau led song on page 38t; Rebecca Browne 171. Leaders: Kathleen Thro 421; Charlie Derleth 111b; Ann Leckie 186; Jim Solheim 377; Patty Doss 102; Dave Ressler 411; Emily Gruber 86; Bill Ellason 59; Kathryn Smith 148; Dan Gibbons 383; Lee Steinmetz 309; Connie Karduck 192; James Page 505; Rebecca Green 84; Marcia Johnson 297; Bill Carlson 352; Jenny Willard 515b; Jerry Enright 197; Jeanette Lowry 183.


The class was called to order by Gary Gronau leading song on page 34b. Leaders: Johanna Fabke 122; Tim Reynolds 182; Susan Green 350; John Bailey 556; Melanie Hauff 430; Bob Borcherding 107; Sandie Scott 117; Ted Mercer 274b; Presley Barker 313b; Judy Mincey 475; Keith Willard 74b; Karen Hojnacki 340; Robert Meek 143; John Seaton 103; Darryl Mayberry and Janet Borman 454; Richard Green 99; Julie Vea 372; Judy Hauff 503b; Janet Fraembs 532; Ted Johnson 440; Marsha Kostman 497; JoDell Albi 180. Grace was said by Johanna Fabke.


The class resumed for the afternoon session with Jeanette Lowry leading song on page 29t. Leaders: Keith Willard 501b; Julie Vea 106; Melanie Hauff 428; Robert Meek 178; Kathleen Thro 385t; Richard Green 38b; Janet Fraembs 455; John Seaton 47t; Judy Mincey 510; Jim Solheim “Missouri Harp”; Darryl Mayberry 85; Tim Reynolds 198; Jenny Willard 168; Judy Hauff 220; James Page 131t; Jean Carhart 569b; Karen Hojnacki 436; Ted Johnson 89; Sandie Scott 128; John Bailey 145b; Susan Green 474.


Karen Isbell called the class back to order leading song on page 142. Leaders: Dan Gibbons 203; Rebecca Green 63; Jerry Enright 442; Ted Mercer 521; Paula Goode 31t; Lee Steinmetz 250; Marcia Johnson 260; Bill Carlson 336; Janet Borman 66; Bob Borcherding 384; Kathleen Wyllie 282; Johanna Fabke 504; Connie Karduck 36t; Marjie Kennedy 163b; Dave Ressler 189; Kathryn Smith 299; Rebecca Browne 300. The class was dismissed with prayer by Lee Steinmetz. Karen Isbell closed the session by leading song on page 347.

Sunday, March 10

The Sunday session was called to order at 9:30 a.m. in the same location by Chairperson Karen Isbell, who led 31t from the 1994 facsimile reprint of the Missouri Harmony. All songs led during this session were from the Missouri Harmony. Tim Reynolds led the morning prayer. Jeanette Lowry led song on page 44b; Gary Gronau 63t; Rebecca Browne 75. Leaders: Judy Mincey 28b; Ted Mercer 166; Ann Leckie 101; Charlie Derleth 24b; Patty Doss 150; Presley Barker 77; JoDell Albi 23t; Jan Ketelle 65b; Richard Green 66t; Judy Hauff 40b; Tim Reynolds 46b; Julie Vea 85; Ted Johnson 145b; Jim Solheim 133; Marsha Kostman 41t.


The class was called to order by Dave Ressler leading song on page 146. Leaders: James Page 131; Johanna Fabke 162; Connie Karduck 39t; Keith Willard 28t; Sandie Scott 24t; Dan Gibbons 100; Melanie Hauff 105; Jerry Enright 87b; Kathy Kaiser 94; Jeanette Lowry 74; Marcia Johnson 84; Dave Ressler 81; Judy Mincey 80; Ted Johnson 72t; Jan Ketelle 107; Tim Reynolds 14 (Supplement); Richard Green 32b; Judy Hauff 32t; Keith Willard 57b; Julie Vea 58; Ted Mercer 89; James Page 152; Marcia Johnson 144; Jerry Enright 110; JoDell Albi 56. Grace was offered by Marcia Johnson.


Karen Isbell called the afternoon session to order leading song on page 48b; Philip Alderman 21. The memorial lesson was conducted by Judy Mincey and Ted Mercer. Judy Mincey spoke about living in a way that defeats death by loving and sharing with each other. Death is not an occasion for despair; our hearts are with those who have gone before. We sing songs about being alive and with our loved ones now and forevermore. She led song on page 45 for the deceased, and spoke about a love that transcends any we’ve ever known before, but one that we experience by being part of the Sacred Harp community. Those remembered on the memorial list were: Missouri—Jo Tedesco and Henry Loew; Wisconsin—Tom McCartney; Georgia—Randolph Mincey and Junior DeLong; New York—Joe Beasley; Alabama—Aver Crider, Dewey Williams, Kelsey Wootten, and Ruby Sheppard Gibson. Ted Mercer spoke for the sick and shut-ins, saying that many were the mainstays of their singings for an extended period of time; that we are all their beneficiaries; that they are all our family members and friends. He led song on page 62t, remembering the following list of names: Missouri—Donna Acton and Joyce Smith; Tennessee—Clayton Ezell; Georgia—Eva Reeves, Jerry Sheppard, and Mozelle Sheppard; Alabama—Hazel Cagle, Ruby Phillips, and Virgil Phillips; Illinois—Lissa Blood, Barbara Orton, and Peter Vea. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer by Dave Ressler. Leaders: Sandie Scott 23b; Connie Karduck 22b; Kathy Kaiser 79; Johanna Fabke 65t; Ann Leckie 83; Jerry Enright 66b; Kathryn Smith 6b (Supplement); Bill Ellason 91; Paula Goode 26t; Charlie Derleth 116; Jan Ketelle 95; JoDell Albi 6t (Supplement); Presley Barker 44t; Patty Doss 59; James Page 132; Ted Mercer 104; Marsha Kostman 44b; Julie Vea 111; Tim Reynolds 121; Connie Karduck 151; Sandie Scott 106; Gary Gronau 46t; Jim Solheim 96b; Dan Gibbons 62b. The convention was closed with prayer by Connie Karduck, and all took the “Parting Hand”.

Chairperson—Karen Isbell; Vice Chairperson—Gary Gronau; Secretary—Rebecca Browne.