Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rotunda Singing

Alabama State Capitol, Montgomery, Alabama

Saturday, February 5, 2005

The eighth session of the Rotunda Singing was held on Saturday before the first Sunday in February at the Alabama State Capitol. Four books were used: The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, Christian Harmony, Colored Sacred Harp, and The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Revised Cooper Edition. The class was called to order by Chairman Jim Carnes, who welcomed everyone and gave recognition to members of the Alabama Arts Council, Joey Brackner and Steve Grauberger. Prayer was offered by Richard Mauldin.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Jim Carnes; Vice Chairman—Joey Brackner; Secretary—Judy Caudle.

The first session was held using The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition. Leaders: Jim Carnes 48t; Gary Smith 565; Wilton Donaldson 490; Corene White 403; Robert Walker 145b; Judy Caudle 140; Richard Mauldin and Dick Mauldin 378t; Colin Neel 30t; Sarah Smith 73t; Bufrey Dean 369; Gavin Blakeley 145t; Lara Kelly 166.

The second session was held from the Christian Harmony. Leaders: Billy Thompson 179; Retha Deason and Ressie Deason 110, 31t; John Etheridge 149; Tim Cook 206; Mako Cook 82b; Penina Kane 109; Ruth Wyers 264; Don Clark 19; Herby Bailey 253.


The third session was held using the Colored Sacred Harp. Leaders: Henry Jackson 43; Rodney Ivey 59; Bernice Harvey 9; Joyce Belcher 25; John Plunkett 46; Steve Grauberger 19; Bernice Harvey, Joyce Belcher, John Etheridge, and Rodney Ivey “Lord, Give Me Just A Little More Time”.

The fourth session was held using The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Revised Cooper Edition. Leaders: Karen Clark 367; Bill Aplin 567; Bobby Jackson 180; Sue Bunch 563; Greg Howard 38t; Bill Hogan 516; Tommy Spurlock 140; Wilburn Ellison 36b.

Joey Brackner expressed his appreciation to the class for their patience and cooperation regarding the security measures in the Capitol Building this year. Prayer was offered by Bill Aplin.


The first afternoon session began with songs led from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition. Leaders: Jim Carnes 436; Elene Stovall 182; Linda Thomas 350; Rodney Ivey 203; Bridgett Hill 383; Max Berueffy 155; Allison Ivey 273; Amber Davis 192; Chita Blakeley 430; Jimmie Denney 313t; Becky Briggs 336; Bethanne Hill 159; Marlin Beasley 498; Alfred Jennings and Velma Walker 335.

The Christian Harmony book was used for the second afternoon session. Leaders: Bill Hogan 135; Morgan Bunch 355; John Plunkett 117; Marlin Beasley 178; Stanley Smith 64; Karen Clark 189; Steve Grauberger 184; John Etheridge 204; Dr. Robert Dupree 293; Jonathon Blakeley 85.

The Colored Sacred Harp was used for the third afternoon session. Leaders: Henry Jackson 34; John Etheridge 24; Stanley Smith 4; Bernice Harvey 20; Joyce Belcher 87; Kennon Smith 18; a trio: Bernice Harvey, Joyce Belcher, and Henry Jackson “Lord, Give Me Just A Little More Time” (by special request).

The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Revised Cooper Edition was used for the fourth and final afternoon session. Leaders: Frank Hataway 401; Charlotte Bishop 229; Uel Freeman 388; Kennon Smith 239; Ercyl Vidrine 358; Amber Davis and Allison Ivey 559; Bernice Harvey 384; Bridgett Hill 276; Henry Jackson 400.

Following announcements, Chairman Jim Carnes led 146 as the closing song. Marlin Beasley offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Jim Carnes; Vice Chairman—Joey Brackner; Secretary—Judy Caudle.