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Florida State Convention

Holiday Inn, Panama City, Florida

December 4-5, 2004

Saturday, December 4

The thirty-seventh session of the Florida State Convention was held at the Holiday Inn in Panama City, Florida on the first Sunday and Saturday before in December. Chairman Larry Ballinger brought the class to order leading 119. The opening prayer was offered by Harrison Creel.

Leaders: Vice Chairman Russ Scholz 82; Secretary Jewell Rowland 143; Victoria Aplin 122; Aubrey Barfield 220; Jeff Sheppard 497; Lisa Geist 192; Ford Bulger 225t; Sarah Smith 32t; Bob Bonnell 285t; Margaret Spurlock 268t; Billy Kelley 505; Mary Ellen Schrock 500; Linton Ballinger 306. The memorial committee was appointed.


The singing resumed with Max Berueffy leading 88t. Leaders: Wilton Donaldson 335; Daphene Causey 137; Gary Smith 336; Nate Green and Norma Green 244; Judy Caudle 98; Frank Hataway 395b; Reba Windom 559; Glenn Keeton and Elizabeth Keeton 89; Leon Ballinger 507b; Lois Bonnell 63; Tommie Spurlock 146; Shelbie Sheppard 290; Frank Strickland 508; Eva Padgett 47b.


John Etheridge called the class back together leading 86. Leaders: Coy Ivey 449; Liz Sheppard 87; Bobby Watkins, Mercy Watkins, and April Watkins 348t; Bill Aplin 68t; Sue Bunch 229; Paul King 100; Flarce Creel 345; Ernest Cockcroft 77t; Elsie Moon 414; Marlin Beasley 276; Ellen Gwynn 282; Gravis Ballinger 270; Genny Whitworth 91; Morgan Bunch 384; Wanda Capps 142; Joe Nall 186. Chairman Larry Ballinger led 369, and Harrison Creel asked the blessing on the food.


The afternoon session was called to order by Larry Ballinger leading 572. Leaders: Harrison Creel 54t; Ann Jett 515; John Etheridge 96; Wayne Jones 70b; Max Berueffy 156; Uel Freeman 571; Bill Farris 401; Loretta Jones 292b; Bill Hogan 567; Juanita Hill 84; Agnes Farris 378t; Russ Scholz 179.


The class was called to order with Aubrey Barfield leading 358 (for Pauline Pruett). Leaders: Nellie Alexander 101t; Becky Briggs111b; Margaret Keeton 359; Morgan Bunch 30t; Jeff Sheppard 225b (by request); Lisa Geist 224; Ford Bulger 558; Sarah Smith 519b; Ellen Gwynn 49b; Joe Nall 272; Eva Padgett 120; Frank Hataway 138t; Frank Strickland 367; Genny Whitworth 436.

Announcements were made. Chairman Larry Ballinger led 323 as the closing song. Russ Scholz offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, December 5

The convention was called to order by Chairman Larry Ballinger leading 49t. The opening prayer was led by Russ Scholz.

Leaders: Vice Chairman Russ Scholz 575; Secretary Jewell Rowland 341; Victoria Aplin 270; Aubrey Barfield 140 (for Stanley Smith); Bob Bonnell 478; Linton Ballinger 340; Reba Windom 573; Sue Bunch 511; Coy Ivey 505, 137; Tommie Spurlock 183; Flarce Creel 559; Paul King 168; Lisa Geist 222; Marlin Beasley 393; Elsie Moon 404; Morgan Bunch 171.


Larry Ballinger brought the class to order leading 39; Harrison Creel led 355; and Lois Bonnell led 82.

The memorial lesson was conducted by the Memorial Committee. Marlin Beasley reminded us that this a time we set aside to sing in memory of our friends that we have loved, cherished, and sung with over the years. We remember the sparkle in their eyes and the influence they had on us and Sacred Harp music. They are singing with perfection in a better land.

The Memorial Committee led 45t in memory of the deceased and 134 in honor of the sick and shut-ins. The deceased remembered were: J.C. Harden, Ruth Tindall, Abby Chesser, Horace Nall, James Slaughter, Estelle Flowers, Kay White, Christal Crocker, and Mavis Price.

The sick and shut-ins remembered were: Pauline Pruett, Lois Stanson, Kennon Smith, Kelly Beard, Ernestine Pipkin, Edith Tate, Bill Green, Buefa Green, Faye Jones, Eldora Moody, John Hocutt, Clarence McCool, Elsie Beasley, Mamie Riley, Joyce Walton, Jap Walton, and Cliffie Windom. Bill Aplin closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Leon Ballinger 280; Wanda Capps 200; Jeff Sheppard 57; Mark Banschback 334; Marvin Reeves 31t; Judy Caudle 410; Max Berueffy 540; Tim Jones 276; Glenn Keeton and Elizabeth Keeton 274; Gravis Ballinger 112; Nate Green and Norma Green 433; Joyce Randall 573; Mary Ellen Schrock 505; Bobby Watkins 36b. The class sang 369, and Harrison Creel asked the blessing on the food.


The afternoon session was called to order by John Etheridge leading 133. Leaders: Wayne Jones 313; Gary Smith 501; Bill Aplin 466; Loretta Jones 144; John Etheridge 450; Ann Jett 516; Becky Briggs 179; Sarah Smith 323; Juanita Hill 81; Margaret Spurlock 108b; Bob Bonnell 75; Sue Bunch 63; Paul King 47b; Mary Ellen Schrock 500; Marlin Beasley 199.

New officers were appointed for next year: Chairman—Russ Scholz; First Vice Chairman—Mike Jones; Second Vice Chairman—John Etheridge.

Announcements were made. The officers led 527 for the closing song. Tommie Spurlock offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Larry Ballinger; Vice Chairman Russ Scholz; Secretary—Jewell Rowland.