Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Fohs Hall Four-Note Singing

Marion, Kentucky

January 27, 1996

William Paris welcomed all singers and guests to the fifth annual four-note singing by having each give their name and place of residence. The mayor of Marion, Kentucky, Micky Alexander, also gave an official welcome on behalf of the City as well as the Community Arts Foundation, who helps sponsor the singing.

The order of the singing was to be one hour from “Southern Harmony”, followed by one hour from “Sacred Harp”. After the noon recess we would sing selections from “Kentucky Harmony” and “Missouri Harmony” along with more selections from the morning books.

Mr. William Paris opened the “Southern Harmony” singing by leading 103, 252. Leaders: Tim Reynolds 291t, 267b; Robert Meek 213, 46; Jim Page 83, 92t; Don Waggener 296, 305; Denise Morris 133; Mary Ruth Cannon 266; Karen Isbell 277, 11; Becky Browne 72t, 27b; Keith MacAdam 38; William Paris 71.


Tim Reynolds began the “Sacred Harp” session by leading song on page 85. Leaders: Jeanette Lowry 107, 29t; Kathy Hull 354b, 551; Gary Gronau 385t, 384; Jim Page 352, 228; Robert Meek 178, 68b; Don Waggener 410t, 58; William Paris 196, 66; Denise Morris 344, 272; Becky Browne 39t, 203; Karen Isbell 142, 76b; Mary Ruth Cannon 143, 139; Keith MacAdam 455. The session was dismissed for dinner with prayer by Don Waggener.


The afternoon session was begun by William Paris leading song on page 13b from the “Kentucky Harmony”.

A memorial for Willard Walker, Ray Mofield, and Glenn Wilcox, who passed on during the past year, and who were great enthusiasts of “Southern Harmony”, was led by Tim Reynolds leading song on page 288t from the “Southern Harmony”.

Mr. William Paris asked the class to try out for him his version of “Green Ridge”, an old song that once was sung at Pleasant Hill Regular Baptist Church.

The next book to be enjoyed was “Missouri Harmony”. Karen Isbell began this session by leading song on page 63t. Leaders: Becky Brown 87b; William Paris 23b; Tim Reynolds 121; Kathy Hull 35; Jim Page 57b; Mary Ruth Cannon 129; Gary Gronau 36b; Jeanette Lowry 150; Karen Isbell 116.

Going back to “Southern Harmony”, William Paris led song on page 189. Leaders: Jeanette Lowry 5b, 265; Arnold Hunt 20; William Hunt 66; Gary Gronau 35t, 150; Kathy Hull 94t.

The final selections were from “Sacred Harp”. Leaders: Tim Reynolds 117; Keith MacAdam 441; Becky Browne 300; Jeanette Lowry 347.

Following announcements, the singing was closed with prayer by Elder William E. Hunt.

Chairman—William Paris; Vice Chairs—Tim Reynolds and Karen Isbell; Secretary—Nancy Paris.