Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mount Pisgah Singing Society (Cooper Book)

Stroud, Chambers County, Alabama

Saturday, May 22, 2004

The annual all day session of the Mount Pisgah Singing Society was called to order by President Don Clark leading 58. David Lee offered the morning prayer. The day of singing was dedicated to Bobby Jackson who is undergoing cancer treatment and was unable to attend.

Leaders: President Don Clark 300; Vice President John Etheridge 422b; Secretary Karen Clark 336 (for Don Bowen); Jack Nelson 306; Delores Shell 199; Frank Hataway 395b; LaRue Allen 192; Frank Strickland 282; Wilburn Ellison 451; Sandra Wilkinson 54t; Louis Hughes 528b; Floy Wilder 224; Floyd Bennett 488b; Linda Fagan 335.


The second session was called to order by Vice President John Etheridge leading 145t. Leaders: Mike Jones 76b; Sue Bunch 511t; S.T. Reed 541; Tommie Spurlock 567; Geraldine Rice 217; Paula Fagan 38t; Felton Denney 387; Lee Rogers 444t (for Bobby Jackson); Michael Jones 384; Lonnie Rogers 186; David Lee 502; Morgan Bunch 559; Stanley Smith 45t (in honor of Etta Hall, who will be 100 in December, Mae Prather, Louise Morris, and in memory of J.C. Harden); Herman Wilkinson 406; Ron Crocker 48t; Bill Hogan 516; Vic Whisman 447t.


The final morning session was called to order by Vice President John Etheridge leading 137. Leaders: Jonathan Blakeley 416t; Karen Rollins 136; Brenda Waters 563; Betty Wright 395b; Don Clark 358 (for Alma Clark, Eleanor Clark, and Jean Lindsey); Greg Howard “Munfordville”; Mark Davis 522; Tim Cook and Mako Cook 478, 291; Josephine Denney 101t; Annie Lee Price 198; Bufrey Dean 77t; Henry Johnson 125.


The afternoon session was called to order by President Don Clark leading 520. Leaders: Michelle Cull 574; Charlene Wallace 290 (for Bobby Jackson and Bernice Jackson); Helen Bryson 172; Hugh McGraw 506; Syble Adams 572; Isabelle Green 225t; Lois Stanson 200; Jeff Sheppard 182; Ruth Wyers 442t; Herby Bailey 573; Andy Morse 392; Kate Merritt Davis 171; Phil Slay 408; John Plunkett 95.


Order was restored for the final session by Vice President John Etheridge. Leaders: Stanley Edwards 76b; Joe Nall 428; Nancy Coeyman and Bill Hogan 143; John Merritt “Talietha Cumi”; Lela Crowder 103; Chita Blakeley 497; Jenny Acton 229; Liz Bryant 393t; Waylon Blakeley 142; Andy Anderson 268t; Othelia Stickland 334; Audress Gurley 571; Stanley Smith 500 (for Jimmy Ray and Carol Ray).

Announcements were made. The officers led 527 as the closing song while those who wished took the parting hand. Tommie Spurlock offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

President—Don L. Clark; Vice President—John Etheridge; Secretary—Karen Clark.