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Smith County Sacred Harp Singing Convention
(Cooper Book)

New Harmony Community Center, New Harmony, Texas

March 13-14, 2004

Saturday, March 13

The twenty-fourth session of the Smith County Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by President Cheryl Foreman leading 119. Chaplain Dallas Smith offered the opening prayer.

Cheryl Foreman appointed the following committees: Nominating—Leon Ballinger and Crystal Vizco; Memorial—Gaylon Powell and Myrl Jones.

Leaders: President Cheryl Foreman 171; Vice President Myrl Jones 300; Secretary Sharon Stephenson 450; Treasurer Sue Utz 282; Leon Ballinger 268t; Robert Vaughn 468, 521; Reed Coates 58, 476; Katie Moseley 49t , 511t; Neil Vaught 563, 107t; Terre Schill 522; Bruce Coates 442t, 518; Cissy Moseley 473.


President Cheryl Foreman called the class to order with 63. Leaders: Gaylon Powell 68t, 441; Mary Bachmann 225t, “Hallelujah, Praise the Lord” (own composition); John Morris 28b, 390; Beverly Coates 99, 168; Richard Smith 406, 285t; Crystal Vizco 488b, 40; Monnie Ross 422b, 108b. Chaplain Dallas Smith welcomed all to our convention and led prayer for the noon meal.


Cheryl Foreman opened the afternoon session with 335. Leaders: Bruce Coates 137; David Rousseau 127, 447t; Azalee Barnett 572, 384; Lawson Smith 142, 270; Emmie Morris 224, 215; A.A. Smith, Jr. 67, 53; Myra Palmer 414; Myrl Jones 183, 189; Melba Sue Utz 475 (for grandson, Richard Hale), 404 (for granddaughter, Krystle Hale); Sharon Stephenson 418, 274 (in honor of her sister, Tina Walston and family).

A business session was called to order by Cheryl Foreman. The Nominating Committee brought their recommendation for the following officers of the convention in 2005: Vice President Myrl Jones move up to President; Vice President—Robert Vaughn; Secretary—Sharon Stephenson; Treasurer—Melba Sue Utz; Chaplain—Dallas Smith. The recommendation was voted on and carried.


Cheryl Foreman called the class to order with 52t. Leaders: Thomas Smith 235, 232; Beverly Coates 143; Reed Coates 65; Emmie Morris 220; Bruce Coates 336t; Neil Vaught 159.

Myra Palmer, Lawson Smith, Myrl Jones, and A.A. Smith, Jr. led 491 as the closing song. Chaplain Dallas Smith offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, March 14

Vice President Myrl Jones opened the Sunday morning session at 9:30 a.m. with 129. Robert Vaughn offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: John Morris 366, 222; Crystal Vizco 35, 276; Richard Smith 282, 87; Owen Stephenson 45t, 388; Katie Moseley 543; Lawson Smith 196, 108b; Robert Vaughn 271b, 562; Terre Schill 112; Cissy Moseley 299, 563; Thomas Smith 136, 189; Azalee Barnett 572, 573.


President Cheryl Forman brought the class to order with 270. Leaders: Gaylon Powell 154b, 84 (for Ada Fisher); Mary Bachmann 505, 38t; Myrl Jones 332, 571; Melba Sue Utz 507b, 319; Sharon Stephenson 171, 288; Cheryl Foreman 203, 42; Gaylon Powell 196 (request of Dallas Smith), 540 (request of Ferrell Blevins); John Morris 170, 155; Crystal Vizco 128, 146; Richard Smith 348t, 512.

The memorial lesson was conducted. Gaylon Powell led 341 for the following beloved singers that have gone to be with the Lord: Ruth Collins, Mary Craig, Mary Blevins, and Jayne Smith McKnight.

Myrl Jones led 461 for the sick and shut-ins and dedicated this song to all those who are not able to be here: Velma Powell, Ophelia Matthews, Ruth Redmon, Dale Redmon, Jo Redmon, Marcelene Hardy, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Leland Owen, Kelly Beard, John Beard, Billy Beard, Earnestine Pipkin, Pauline Willis, Margaret Raunsvall, and Bert Upchurch. The memorial lesson was concluded.


President Cheryl Foreman opened the afternoon session with 101t. Leaders: Katie Moseley 68t; Robert Vaughn 539, 466; Thomas Smith 235; Thomas Smith and Myra Palmer 304; Cissy Moseley 293b, 559 (for Jeb and Liz Owen, and their new baby); Azalee Barnett 447t, 500; Gaylon Powell 174; Ada Fisher and Dallas Smith 500, 218; Myrl Jones 277, 442t; Crystal Vizco 59, 508; Melba Sue Utz 406, 85.

Treasurer Melba Sue Utz gave a report that all expenses had been met.

President Cheryl Foreman led 62 as the closing song. Chaplain Dallas Smith offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

President—Cheryl Foreman; Vice President—Myrl Jones; Secretary—Sharon Stephenson.