Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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University of Georgia Singing

State Botanical Gardens, Athens, Georgia

Sunday, February 22, 2004

The thirty-first session of the University of Georgia Singing was held at the Visitors Center of the State Botanical Gardens in Athens, Georgia on the fourth Sunday in February.

Singing during the morning sessions was from “The Social Harp” by John McCurry, first published in 1855 and reprinted by the University of Georgia Press in 1973.

Chairman John Garst called the class to order leading 22. John Hollingsworth offered the morning prayer. John Garst led 23b.

A business session was held with the class voting to retain the same officers: Chairman—John Garst; Vice Chairman—John Hollingsworth; Secretary—Charlene Wallace. Appointments of the following committees were made: Arranging Committee—Lee Rogers; Memorial Committee—Judy Mincey.

Leaders: John Hollingsworth 233b, 250; Charlene Wallace 159, 88; Judy Mincey 135, 53; Lee Rogers 137; John Plunkett 51, 149; Bill Hogan 61t, 23t; Don Bowen 76b, 34; Dan Huger 169, 124; Bruce King 55, 173.


John Hollingsworth called the class together leading 148. Leaders: Mark Davis 194, 87; Marlin Beasley 118t, 41; Charles Woods 98, 99; Art Rosenbaum 163, 200; Kelly Morris 129b, 101; Tony Hammock 100, 175b.

The memorial lesson was conducted. John Hollingsworth and Judy Mincey led 204 in memory of the following deceased: Elder Donald Smith, Betty Haas, Ruth Brown, Lavaughn Ballinger, Flora Skinner, Lamar Smith, and Edna “Roxie” Chesser.

Bill Hogan led 196 for the following sick and shut-ins: Bill Green, John Hocutt, Art Deason, Mary Ellen Wilkinson, Jeff Sheppard, and Shelbie Sheppard. John Plunkett closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Laura Akerman 139; Lee Rogers 44; John Garst and Ann Brackwell 146. John Hollingsworth offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Singing in the afternoon sessions was held from “The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition.

John Garst called the class together leading 176t. Leaders: Karen Morris 503; Andy Morris 178; Floyd Bennett 127; Sarah Smith 290; Richard Ivey 135; Anita Landess 297; Mildred Chandler 155; Winston Stephens and Marty Des Rosier 34b; Gary Smith 31t; Angelia Benton 358; Terry Chandler 222; Sandra Wilkinson 384, 282; Kevin Kelly 128; Laura Akers and Ann Brighten 68b; Karen Morris 430; Angelia Benton 354b; Natalia Davis and Mark Davis 345t; Marion Wilhoit 82t; Karen Redwine 105, 323b; Anita Landess 540; Sarah Smith 129; Terry Chandler 268; Winston Stephens and Marty Des Rosier 535; Richard Ivey 208; Mildred Chandler 40; Gary Smith 565; Laura Akerman 240; Bill Hogan 442; Andy Morris 347; John Garst 110.

Following announcements, John Garst led 62 as the closing song. John Hollingsworth offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—John Garst; Vice Chairman—John Hollingsworth; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.