Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Tri-State Sacred Harp Convention (Cooper Book)

Mars Hill Primitive Baptist Church, Hoboken, Georgia

Saturday, October 18, 2003

The day of singing began at 9:00 a.m. with the class singing song on 31b. Bryant Lee and Martin Highsmith opened the convention by welcoming everyone and leading 53 and 63. The morning prayer was offered by Elder Clarke Lee.

Leaders: Rachel Lee and Hannah Highsmith 40; Bryant Lee and Amy Lee 127; Riley Lee 392; April Dell 508; Tina Reddish 388; Mary Elizabeth Lee 186; Jenny Steuver and Stephanie Steuver 348t, 393t; Tatum Strickland 573; Karen Clark 55; Amy Lee 54t; Kit Pfau 41; Shane O’Neal 31t; Bill Aplin 385t; Laura Densmore 98; Johnny Lee 571.


The class was called back to order. Leaders: Jesse Roberts 225; Kathy Wallace 47t; Nate Green and Norma Green 70b; Stan Jensen 563; Kathy Williams 140; Alice Bejnar 340; Hans Guttman 47b; Louis Hughes 507b; Bob Bonnell 285t; Agnes Farris 410; Dinah East 128; Russ Scholz 376; Orvil Murray 511t; Tommie Spurlock 574; Jenny Jensen 559.


The class was called back to order by Riley Lee and Shane O’Neal leading 43. Leaders: Ashley Roberts 183; Don Clark 446t; Bernard Collard 336t; Tor Bejnar 411; Louis Hughes, Jr. 38t; Aubrey Barfield 220; Loretta Jones 144; Morgan Bunch and Sue Bunch 72; Bill Farris 401; Tollie Lee 509; Wilburn Ellison 447t; Jessica Altman 217; Bud Oliver 440b; Jeff Draughn and Francine Draughn 478; James Gardener 171.


The class resumed singing with Mary Elizabeth Lee and Trevor East leading 59. Leaders: Les Singleton 484; Billy Kelley 466; Glenda Cason 199; Frank Hataway 395b; Lois Bonnell 505; Ann Barnett 133; Ashley McKathan 491; Tony Batten and Lynn Batten 45t; Willis Lee 527; Clarke Lee 264b; Kathy Lee 299; Kit Pfau 337; Jenny Steuver 500; Laura Densmore 83t; Bernard Collard 70t; Lindsey Johnson and Tatum Strickland 180, 361.


Arlene Strickland and Brooks Strickland brought the class to order leading 149. Leaders: Steve McDowell 239; John Etheridge 319; Trevor East 300; Wanda Sasser 235; Phillip Reeves 283t; Kathy Wallace 82; Hubert Sasser and Hugh Maze 506; Ashley Roberts 185.

Announcements of upcoming sings were made. Bryant Lee and Martin Highsmith thanked everyone for coming. The young people of this area worked together to host this convention. They are thanked and congratulated for the good job they did in organizing and leading the convention.

The next session of the Tri-State Convention will be held in Port St. Joe, Florida in October 2004.

Bryant Lee and Martin Highsmith led 377b as the closing song, Elder Tollie Lee offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairmen—Bryant Lee and Martin Highsmith.