Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Florida State Singing Convention
(Cooper Book)

Panama City, Florida

December 2-3, 1995

Saturday, December 2

The Florida State Singing Convention held at the Holiday Inn, Panama City, Florida, the first Sunday and Saturday before in December, 1995 was called to order by Chairman Stanley Smith leading songs on pages 100 and 335. The morning prayer was given by Stanley Smith. Leaders: Aubrey Barfield 140; Vice Chairman Tommie Spurlock 156; Secretary Jewell Skaggs 143; Jeff Sheppard 142; Velton Chafin 174; Reba Windom 224; Milton Oliver 54; Cassie Franklin 559; David Lee 543b; Leola Smith 203; Mary Elizabeth Lee 500; Loy Garrison 507b; Leon Ballinger 239.


Chairman Stanley Smith called the class back to order leading song on page 478. Leaders: Wanda Capps 200; S. T. Reed 567; Liz Bryant 50b; Bob Bonnell 290; Carolyn Hammond 384; Mattie Townsel 119; Kelly Beard 544; Inez Chandler 405; Coy Ivey 449; Faye Pettis 45t; John Etheridge 38; Margie Smith 508; Cecile Cox 501; Gordon Wilkerson 400; Mary Beth Butler 367. Stanley Smith appointed the Memorial Committee as follows: Cindy Franklin, Margie Smith, Victoria Aplin, and Carolyn Hammond.


Don Clark called the class back to order leading songs on pages 422b and 171. Leaders: Rachael Lee 336t; J. W. Oliver 418; Nina Kane 36b; Hershell King 204; Alice Hochstetler 86; Shelbie Sheppard 39; Greg Economides 304; Marie Guthrie 220; George Cox 395b; Willa Mae Holt 212; Cindy Franklin 410; B. M. Smith 573; Pat Marse 186; Ralph Heath 196; Elizabeth Labato 144; Clarke Lee 139. Vice Chairman Tommie Spurlock gave a warm welcome to all our singers and friends, and dismissed for lunch with prayer and singing song on page 369.


The Saturday afternoon session was called to order by W. L. Green leading songs on pages 567 and 381. Leaders: Edith Tate 404; J. A. Mosley 365; Mary Jane Butler 448; Norma Latham 563; Elvin Guthrie 222; Joe Nall 268; Kathy Lee 393; Thurman Nall 447; Julie Lee 199; Joyce Walton 122; Otis Hester and Polly Hester 276, 277; Ernestine Pipkin 497; Bill Ferris 111.


The class was called to order by Johnny Lee leading songs on pages 31t and 41. Leaders: Ozella Blackmon 522; Eldagene Roberson 215; Alice Mosley 343b, 282; John Merritt 455; Agnes Ferris 411; Juanita Hill 84; Brenda Merritt 89. The Chairman, Stanley Smith, led song on page 146 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Clark Lee.

Sunday, December 3

The Sunday session of the Florida State Singing Convention was called to order by Stanley Smith, Chairman, leading song on page 31b. The morning prayer was given by Bill Aplin. Leaders: Stanley Smith 140; Vice Chairman Bill Aplin 466; Secretary Jewell Skaggs 297; Aubrey Barfield 306; Velton Chafin 225t; David Lee 106; Shelbie Sheppard 216; Leola Smith 185; Milton Oliver 503; Mary Jane Butler 82; Loy Garrison 515; Edith Tate 73t; J. W. Oliver 145t; Polly Hester 143; Reba Windom 192; Leon Ballinger 136; Otis Hester 195; Cassie Franklin and Shelley Capps 39; Cecile Cox 135.


The class was called to order by Bill Aplin leading song on page 68b. Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 242; David Roberson 414; Ralph Heath 235. The Memorial Lesson was given by Cindy Franklin. Cindy Franklin gave a tribute to our loved ones who have already gone home. She said, “When I was appointed to this committee, I wondered what I would say. The ones I know, I could say something about. The ones I don’t know, you could say something about them. So as I read the list of names, each of you think of one word or one nice thing this person said or meant to you”. Georgia—Junurs Hudgins, Myrtle McGraw, and Velma Kelly; New York—Joe Beasley; Texas—Dale Redmon, Sr. and Arnevis Norton; Florida—B. F. Pettis, Rudy Skaggs, Rev. Henry Barfield, and T. H. Plant; Alabama—Hoyt Renfroe, Bennie Rigdon, Aver Crider, Dewey Williams, Homes Coates, Lessie Cates, Ted Godsey, Winford Lacey; Mary Morris, Helen Ivey Cordell, Lois Green, Forney Cobb, Ervin Brothers, Aaron Creel, Dula Webb, Kelsey Renee Wootten, Ruby Gibson, Tom Roberson, Fay Allen, Colbie Allen, Viola Barker, W. A. “Gus” Watson, Bertha Henson, Trixie Vandiver, Carolyn Nall, Kevin Aplin, Lottie Pelham. J. J. Secton, Madie Ausley, Lewis Atkinson, Etta Morgan, Leon Price, and Lucille Capps. Carolyn Hammond led song on page 577, and Cindy Franklin led song on page 486 for the deceased. For the sick and shut-ins, Margie Smith led song on page 137. The Memorial was closed with prayer by Velton Chafin. Leaders: Tommy Spurlock 574 (by special request); Wanda Capps 505; Clarke Lee 444t; Eldagene Roberson 186; B. M. Smith 563; Kathy Lee 488; Kelly Beard 275; Brenda Merritt 543; Julie Lee 72; Nina Kane 119; Gordon Wilkerson 112; Mattie Townsel 100; John Merritt 410; Mary Beth Butler 427. Aubrey Barfield gave a welcome to everyone, and led song on page 369. Velton Chafin led the class in prayer for the blessing of the noon meal.


The Sunday afternoon session was called to order by Stanley Smith leading song on page 129b. Leaders: Marie Guthrie 229; Mary Elizabeth Lee 485; Greg Economides 280; Elizabeth Lobato 128; Lurleen Heath 377; Thurman Nall 287; Norma Latham 571; Ernestine Pipkin 218; Elvin Guthrie 172; Rachel Lee 392; Alice Mosley 45t; Bill Farris 274; Alice Hochstetler 88t; Agnes Ferris 378t; W. L. Green 417; Juanita Hill 81; Bob Bonnell 451; Hershell King 343b; Alice Williams 283; John Etheridge 77t; Liz Bryant 270; J. A. Mosley 341; Inez Chandler 335; Joe Nall 511t; George Cox 108; Willa Mae Holt 189. Officers for the 1996 Florida State Convention: Chairman—Bill Aplin; First Vice Chairman—David Lee; Second Vice Chairman—Elvin Guthrie. Stanley Smith (by request) 520, 518, 288. The new and old officers led song on page 45 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Aubrey Barfield.

Unless otherwise notified, next year’s Florida State Convention will be held at the same location, Holiday Inn, Panama City, Florida, phone #904-769-0000. The date will be November 30 and December 1, 1996.

Chairman—Stanley Smith; Vice Chairman—Tommy Spurlock; Secretary—Jewell Skaggs.