Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Antioch Baptist Church - Birthday Singing

South of Tallapoosa, Georgia, on Old 100 Highway

Friday Night, April 11, 2003

The eleventh session of the Birthday Singing on Friday night before the second Sunday in April was held at Antioch Baptist Church. The class was called to order by Johnny Wright leading 63. Elder Homer Benefield offered the opening prayer.

Johnny Wright welcomed everyone and the class sang “Happy Birthday” to the honorees, Mildred Johnson, who is 94 years young, and Elder Homer Benefield. Johnny Wright led 59; Charlene Wallace 97; and Mary L. Smith 37b.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—Johnny Wright; Vice Chairman—Everette Ellis; Secretary—Charlene Wallace; Arranging Committee—Mary L. Smith.

Leaders: Everette Ellis 354b; Elder Homer Benefield 56t; Mildred Johnson and Hugh McGraw 548; Jan House 168; Felton Denney 299; Lonnie Rogers 101t; Ginnie Prater 318; Henry Schuman 68b; Elder Neil Prichard 566; Karleen Williams 40 (for Karen Rollins); Jenny Jensen 32t; Louise Holland 35; Myron House 135; Lou Cotney 218; Stan Jensen 299; Joyce Clackum Lambert and Jerry Lambert 406; Cecil Roberts 235; Daphene Ray 332; Mildred Patterson 358; Hugh McGraw 275b; Steve Jardine 47b; Johnny Wright 294 (by request); Johnny Wright played 358 on the piano. The class was dismissed with the pastor blessing the food for the evening meal.


The class resumed singing with John Wright leading 145t. Leaders: Jan House 276; Felton Denney 277; Jenny Jensen 335; Stan Jensen 112; Myron House 113; Lonnie Rogers 45t; Steve Jardine 163b; Ginnie Prater 460; Charles Towler 343; Henry Schuman 480; Karleen Williams 373; Cecil Roberts 225t; Johnny Wright played 358 on the violin.

After announcements were made, Johnny Wright led 46 as the closing song. Lonnie Rogers offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Johnny Wright; Vice Chairman—Everette Ellis; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.