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Baldwin County Sacred Harp
Singing Convention (Cooper Book)

Bay Minette, Alabama

January 25-26, 2003

Saturday, January 25

The Baldwin County Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Chairman Bill Hogan who welcomed the singers, led 54t, and offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Vice Chairman J.A. Mosley 75; Velton Chafin 478, 225; Loretta Jones 138t, 108t; Frank Hataway 32t, 32b; John Merritt 38b; John Merritt and Ernest Cockroft 447; William Shetter 84, 515; Bob Meek 511, 518; Willie Ellison 451, 283b.


The class resumed singing with Bill Hogan leading 148. Leaders: Mike Jones 400, 235; Wanda Gregg 106, 470; Nancy Van Den Akker 381, 328; Ron Frudenburg 28t, 417; Joe Nall 213, 183; Richard Graham 559, 572; Christine Gandy 143, 330t; Otis Gulledge 127, 45.


John Merritt brought the class to order leading 76b. Leaders: Ernest Cockroft 553, 573; Eva Padgett 68t; Lurleen Heath Masters 73t, 290; Bobby Willis 165, 28b; J.A. Mosley 186. Joe Nall gave the lunch blessing.


The afternoon session was brought to order by J.A. Mosley leading 41. Leaders: Dudley Maddox 488, 447t; Myleto Stewart 47, 497; Ford Bulger 285t, 558; John Etheridge 545, 185 (in memory of Leola Smith); Velton Chafin 373; Loretta Jones 292b; Frank Hataway 395b; Bill Hogan and John Merritt 535; William Shetter 505; Willie Ellison 563; Mike Jones 31t; Wanda Gregg 274; Nancy Van Den Akker 380; Ron Frudenburg 33; Joe Nall 192.


The singing resumed with Richard Graham leading 556. Leaders: Christian Gandy 578; Otis Gulledge 59; Ernest Cockroft 101t; Eva Padgett 345; Lurleen Heath Masters and John Merritt 470; Bobby Willis 361; J.A. Mosley 336; Dudley Maddox 68b, 68t; Myleto Stewart 300; Ford Bulger 511b.

Announcements were made. The singing was closed with 331, and Brother Bobby Willis offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, January 26

Chairman Bill Hogan opened with 38t and 45b. Aubrey Barfield offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Vice Chairman J.A. Mosley 477, 560; Secretary Alice Mosley 540, 484; Mike Jones 384, 76b; Velton Chafin 114b, 175b; Vickie Aplin 87, 229; Frank Hataway 585, 507; William Shetter 336t, 544; Bill Aplin 117, 121; Bob Meek 574, 267; Bud Oliver 515, 563; Aubrey Barfield 497, 365; Loretta Jones 111, 54t; Willie Ellison 285t, 323b; John Merritt 520 (for Bill Aplin); John Etheridge 489.

Bill Hogan conducted the memorial lesson using a hymn from the Lloyds Hymn Book as a text, which left us with an inspirational message to carry home with us. Rodney Ivey led 573. The following deceased were remembered: Myrtle Meek, Doris Vickery, Wilbur Chesser, Betty Etheridge, Lane Albritton, Bonnie Pate, Iduma Wiggins, J.B. Chapman, Tressie Adkins, Gladys Harden, and Leola Smith. The song on page 185 was led in remembrance of Leola Smith who passed away on Thursday, January 23, 2003 and was buried on Saturday, January 25, 2003. She was a faithful member of the Sacred Harp and will be greatly missed by all those who were fortunate to know her.

The list of sick and shut-ins remembered were: Emma Mosley, Bill Green, Thurman Nall, J.C. Harden, and Albert Ryals. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Vice Chairman J.A. Mosley 59; Nancy Van Den Akker 100, 546; Wanda Greg 559, 546; Wayne Jones 87, 395; Ed Bass 506, 507; Dwayne Hawthorne 104, 179; “Happy Birthday” was song to Christine Gandy celebrating her 80th birthday. Bill Hogan gave the blessing for our food.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Frank Hataway leading 444t and 69. Leaders: Eva Padgett 372, 288; Joe Nall 443b, 298; Ernest Cockroft 341, 340; Otis Gulledge 63, 164; Dana Merritt 40, 342; Becky Briggs 144, 470; Mike Jones 435; Vickie Aplin 337; William Shetter 503; Bill Aplin 466; Bob Meek 336b; Bud Oliver 440; Aubrey Barfield 200; Loretta Jones 133; Willie Ellison 447t; John Etheridge, Bud Oliver, and Rodney Ivey 270; Christine Gandy 48, 143; Rodney Ivey 571, 143.

Announcements were made. Vice Chairman J.A. Mosley, John Merritt, and Alice Mosley led 282 as the closing song. John Merritt offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Bill Hogan; Vice Chairman—J.A. Mosley; Secretary—Alice Mosley.