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Southwest Texas Sacred Harp
Singing Convention (Cooper Book)

Southwest Texas University, San Marcos, Texas

September 28-29, 2002

Saturday, September 28

The fall session of the annual Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Singing Convention met at the UPACC on the campus of Southwest Texas University at San Marcos. Chairman Reed Coates called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. with song 331t. Prayer was offered by Gaylon Powell.

Leaders: Chairman Reed Coates 98; Vice Chairman Morris Nelms 28t; Secretary Pat Blundell 164; Kevin Powell 416t; Barbara Moore 61; John Morris 119; Beverly Coates 155; Mike Hinton 288; Olivia Powell 280; Don Clark 171; Emmie Morris 142; Frank Price 571; Sarah Huckaby 76b; Berkley Moore 327; Terri Schill 218; Leon Ballinger 414; Karen Clark 486; Tom Owen 544; Cassandra Baker 323b; Dick Steil 72; Martha Aiken 143; Billy Huckaby 400.


Chairman Reed Coates called the class back to order leading song on page 101t. Leaders: Amanda Blevins 47t; Don Ross 338; Katie Moseley 99; Gaylon Powell 244; Amanda Owen 148; Bruce Coates 133; Mike Moseley 306; Myrl Jones 189; David Moseley 186; Myra Palmer 522; Curtis Owen 558b (especially for B.E. Matthews); Cissy Moseley 299; Cheryl Foreman 140; John Baker 239; Mary Ann Owen 145b; Kevin Powell 438t; Barbara Moore 229; John Morris 268t; Beverly Coates 106; Mike Hinton 146; Olivia Powell 559; Don Clark 520. Prayer was offered for lunch.


Chairman Reed Coates called the class back to order following lunch and led song on page 75. Leaders: Tom Owen 319; Emmie Morris 215; Frank Price 127; Sarah Huckaby 138t; Berkley Moore 95; Terri Schill 402; Leon Ballinger 217; Marilyn Burkland 553; Karen Clark 516; Cassandra Baker 159; Dick Steil 508; Martha Aiken 572; Billy Huckaby 47b; Katie Moseley 203; Don Ross 315; Amanda Owen 222; Gaylon Powell 53; Myrl Jones 300; Mike Moseley 567; David Moseley 137; Amanda Blevins 282; Sue Fairbanks 59; Curtis Owen 569.


Vice Chairman Morris Nelms brought the class back together leading song on page 49. Leaders: John Baker 358; Cissy Moseley 447t; Cheryl Foreman 497; Mary Ann Owen 293b; Don Clark 478; Frank Price 43; Barbara Moore 398b; Kevin Powell 200; Karen Clark 393t; John Morris 31t; Berkley Moore 505; Sarah Huckaby 563.

Chairman Reed Coates led song on page 122 as the closing song, Mike Hinton offered the closing prayer, and the Saturday session was dismissed.

Sunday, September 29

Vice Chairman Morris Nelms opened the day of singing at 9:30 a.m. with song on page 324. Prayer was offered by Curtis Owen.

Leaders: Morris Nelms 395; Chairman Reed Coates 270; Secretary Pat Blundell 500; Mike Moseley 434; Amanda Blevins 170; John Morris 58; Olivia Powell 450; Mike Hinton 339; Katie Moseley 142; Leon Ballinger 442t; Myra Palmer 497; Jeb Owen 179; Karen Clark 336t; Kevin Powell 532; Diane Ross 511t; Dick Steil 268; Liz Owen 563; Don Clark 48t; Myrl Jones 572.


Chairman Reed Coates called the class back together with song on page 54t. Leaders: Don Ross 284; Terri Schill 284; Billy Huckaby 217; Edith Owen 410; Robert Vaughn 162; Emmie Morris 220; Bruce Coates 518; Cissy Moseley 573; Tom Owen 386; Sarah Huckaby 225t; David Moseley 192; Beverly Coates 543; Berkley Moore 30b; Amanda Owen 99; Curtis Owen 149; Cassandra Baker 31b; Sue Fairbanks 323b; Barbara Moore 490; Cheryl Foreman 132; Gaylon Powell 488t.

John Baker conducted the memorial service and read from I John 4:11-12 and spoke about love of each other and love of Sacred Harp comes from the love of Christ. Kevin Powell led songs on pages 285t and 574 in memory of those who had died in the past year, and for those sick and unable to attend this weekend’s singing. Tom Owen closed the memorial with prayer.


Chairman Reed Coates brought the class back to order for the afternoon session leading song on page 47b. Leaders: Bruce Coates 492; Barbara Moore 61; Don Clark 30b; Edith Owen 47t; Berkley Moore 575; Karen Clark 527; Jeb Owen 68t; Beverly Coates 505; Dick Steil 516; Mike Hinton 418; Amanda Blevins 148; Ann Milner 276; Robert Vaughn 230; Terri Schill 230; John Baker 110; Katie Moseley 222; Leon Ballinger 470; Cheryl Foreman 77t; David Moseley 216; Cissy Moseley 45t; Curtis Owen 358; Sue Fairbanks 449; George Jones 558b; Amanda Owen 168; Landis Powell 163t; Tom Owen 277; Gaylon Powell 232, 235; Sarah Huckaby 84.

The singing was concluded with Chairman Reed Coates, Vice Chairman Morris Nelms, and Secretary Pat Blundell leading song on page 69 as the closing song while everybody shook hands. The class was dismissed with prayer.

Chairman—Reed Coates; Vice Chairman—Morris Nelms; Secretary—Pat Baker Blundell.