Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Garden State Unconventional Sunday

Covenant Presbyterian Church, Trenton, New Jersey

May 19, 2002

More than a dozen singers from the Garden State Sacred Harp Convention were invited to participate in the regular Sunday service at Covenant Presbyterian Church, during the course of which they were joined by members of their regular choir, including Ginny Landgraf, in singing from “The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition” with the following selection of songs: 59, 510, 350, 371, 178, and 532.

A fellowship hour and lunch was followed by an afternoon of singing. Leaders: Roland Hutchinson “Richmond” (from the New Brunswick, New Jersey Collection of Sacred Music, 1838); Brenda Pena 53b (EH); Frank Evans 27 (EH); Tim Slattery 92 (EH); Gerry Hoffman “Denton” (original music by Gerry Hoffman, text by I. Watts); Guy Bankes “Cranbrook” (CH); Ginny Landgraf “Ten Thousand Charms” (by Hal Kunkel); Mary Ann Daly “Deuteronomy” (music by Mary Ann Daly); Gabriel Kastelle 40 (EH); Roland Hutchinson “Dirigens” (music by R. Hutchinson, text by Newman, 1833); Laura Densmore 70 (EH).


Leaders: Miriam Kilmer “Kosovo” (words and music by M. Kilmer);

Rosemary Greenaway 3 (EH); Diane Mennella 21 (September Psalms); Gina Balestracci 71 (EH); Jena Strizak 72b; Claire Simon 64 (EH); Brenda Pena 35 (September Psalms); Tim Slattery 110 (EH); Gerry Hoffman 64t (EH); Guy Bankes 511 (WB); Ginny Landgraf 20 (EH); Roland Hutchinson 574 (CB).

The session was closed with thanks to all participants.

Chairman—Roland Hutchinson; Locating Committee—Ginny Landgraf and Roland Hutchinson; Secretary—Diane Mennella.