Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Harrods Creek Baptist Church

Brownsboro, Kentucky

April 27-28, 2002

Saturday, April 27

The eleventh annual shape note singing was held at Harrods Creek Baptist Church in Brownsboro, Kentucky on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in April. “The Sacred Harp”, “Southern Harmony”, and “Cooper Books” were used.

Bob Meek called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. leading song on page 32, followed by morning prayer.

Leaders: Mike Grimes 159; David Rust 250 (SoH); S.T. Reed 74 (CB); William Shetter 505 (CB); Blake Morris “Ireland”; Marlen Rust 50 (SoH); Janet Fraembs 265 (SoH); Lee Steinmetz 559 (CB); James Page 322; David Ivey 540 (CB); Bill Hogan 99 (SoH); Joyce Brown 495; Ron Hoskins 73t; Alex Grimes 452; Mike Grimes 354b; Chandler Bainter 45t; Terre Schill 522 (CB); Berkley Moore 164 (SoH); Hugh McElrath 145b; Greg Howard 511t (CB); Sandie Scott 137 (CB); Michelle Cull 493 (CB); Marilyn Burchett 38 (SoH); Janet Conrad 523; Dan Huger 92t (SoH); John Bayer 278b; Jo Ann Grimes 236; Bud Oliver 39b; Jubal Bayer, Loraine Bayer, and Hans Bayer 392 (CB); Regina Bayer 140 (CB); Bob Meek 367 (CB); Bud Oliver 270; Faith Shine 455; Joyce Brown 147; David Rust 89 (SoH); Mike Grimes 571 (CB); S.T. Reed 569 (CB); William Shetter 278b (SoH); Blake Morris 297; Marlene Rust 17b (SoH); Janet Fraembs 532; Lee Steinmetz 563 (CB).


Mike Grimes brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 35. Leaders: James Page 173b (SoH); Greg Creech 47b (SoH); Bob Meek and Mrs. Clark 275 (SoH); David Ivey 565; Bill Hogan 16 (SoH); Terre Schill 497 (CB); Berkley Moore 473; Hugh McElrath 58; Greg Howard 336t (CB); Sandie Scott 28 (SoH); Coy Ivey and Michelle Cull 59; Michelle Cull 393 (CB); Marilyn Burchett 108b; Janet Conrad 323b; Anna Creech 178.


Mike Grimes brought the class to order leading song on page 378t. Leaders: James Page 71 (for Kelly Day); Dan Huger 19t (SoH); John Bayer 88 (SoH); Jo Ann Grimes, Mike Grimes, and Ron Hoskins 500 (CB); Bud Oliver 47t; Loraine Bayer, Hans Bayer, and Jubal Bayer 117; Regina Bayer, Hans Bayer, and Jubal Bayer 84 (CB); Brenda Waters 68b; Sherry List 488 (CB); Bob Meek 324; Bob Meek 268 (for Allen DeBois); Jo Ann Grimes and Michelle Cull 198.

Bob Meek led song on page 146 as the closing song, and John Bayer led the closing prayer.

Sunday, April 28

Bob Meek brought the Sunday morning session to order leading song on page 32t, followed by prayer.

Leaders: S.T. Reed 48t; David Ivey 121; William Shetter 526 (CB); Blake Morris 214; Buford Parrish and Bob Meek 45t; Janet Fraembs 478 (CB); Lee Steinmetz 163t; James Page 98 (CB); Bill Hogan 516 (CB); Terre Schill 292b (CB); Berkley Moore 134 (SoH); Greg Howard 507b (CB); Sandie Scott 90 (SoH); Michelle Cull 229 (CB); Bob Meek 275 (SoH); Bob Meek, Kalie Duncan, and Brianna Meek 145b; Marilyn Burchett 335; Rich Overturf 133; John Bealle 270 (SoH); Bud Oliver 515 (CB); John Bayer, Hans Bayer, and Jubal Bayer 143 (SoH); Loraine Bayer, Hans Bayer, and Jubal Bayer 159; Regina Bayer 522 (CB); Joyce Brown 505 (CB); Dan Huger 83 (SoH); Bob Meek, Leslie Bond, and Steven Bond 488b (CB).


Bob Meek brought the class to order leading song on page 36b.

A memorial lesson was held. Bob Meek, Doug Trent, and Michelle Cull led song on page 28b for the deceased, and song on page 430 for the sick and shut-ins.

Leaders: Bob Meek and Beverly Brooks 68b; Coy Ivey 384; Mark Reisinger 148.


Bob Meek brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 49t. Leaders: S.T. Reed 271; David Ivey 160b; William Shetter 280 (CB); Blake Morris 189; Janet Fraembs 218; Lee Steinmetz 163b; James Page 216; Bill Hogan 269; Terre Schill 567 (CB); Berkley Moore 348b; Greg Howard 38t (CB); Sandie Scott 46 (SoH); Michelle Cull 501 (CB); Marilyn Burchett and Bill Hogan 132; Rich Overturf 457; John Bealle 436; Bob Cull 99; Laura Chipe 16 (SoH); Bob Meek 25b (SoH) (for Joan Frankel); Coy Ivey and Regina Bayer 559 (CB).


Bob Meek brought the class to order leading song on page 25 (SoH). Leaders: Dan Huger 265 (SoH); William Shetter 554 (CB); Blake Morris 54 (CB); Janet Fraembs 572 (CB); Lee Steinmetz 569b (SoH); James Page 422t (CB); Bill Hogan 573 (CB).

Announcements were made. Bob Meek led song on page 334 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Bob Meek; Secretary—Brenda Waters.