Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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University of Georgia

State Botanical Gardens, Athens, Georgia

February 24, 2002

The twenty-ninth session of “The Social Harp” and “The Sacred Harp” singing was held at the Visitor’s Center of the State Botanical Gardens in Athens, Georgia on the fourth Sunday in February. This is the only regular singing from “The Social Harp,” by John G. McCurry, which was first published in 1855 and reprinted by the University of Georgia Press in 1973.

Chairman John Garst opened the singing with songs on pages 17 and 18t from “The Social Harp.” Vice Chairman John Hollingsworth offered the morning prayer.

A business session was held with the class voting to retain the same officers: Chairman—John Garst; Vice Chairman—John Hollingsworth; Secretary—Charlene Wallace. In the absence of Secretary Charlene Wallace, Lee Rogers was asked to serve as Interim Secretary. The following committees were appointed: Arranging Committee—Judy Mincey and Lee Rogers; Memorial Committee—John Hollingsworth.

Songs led in the opening session were from “The Social Harp.” Leaders: John Hollingsworth 250; Lee Rogers 53, 44; Judy Mincey 135, 79t; Liz Bryant 86; John Plunkett 141, 61b; Bill Hollingsworth 187, 79b; Lela Crowder 24b, 31; Dan Huger 24t, 124; Richard DeLong 34, 159; Sharon Kellam 216, 154; Sandie Scott 37, 98.


John Garst called the class to order leading song on page 35b from “The Social Harp,” followed by Bruce King leading songs on pages 173 and 156. For the remainder of the singing, all songs were from “The Sacred Harp.

Leaders: Winston Stephens 535; Bob Goodman 68b, 40; Pat Ward 324; Henry Zittrouer 59, 87; Don Ward 86, 168.

The memorial lesson was given by John Hollingsworth. Judy Mincey led song on page 347 in memory of the following deceased: J.B. Parker, Frank Sills, Doris Sills, Berta Woods, Jack Corley, and the victims of the September 11th attacks. John Plunkett closed the memorial with a prayer.

Leaders: John Hollingsworth 196; Liz Bryant 542.


John Hollingsworth opened the afternoon session leading song on page 63. Leaders: Kevin Kelly 128, 66; Mildred Chandler 155; Raymond Hamrick 81; Terry Chandler 222, 186; Bill Hollingsworth 49b, 236; Lela Crowder 436; Pat Ward 48b; John Plunkett 175b; Sharon Kellam 277; Don Ward 198; Richard DeLong 99; Sandie Scott 340; Liz Bryant 178; Sharon Hamrick 276; Bob Goodman 146; Henry Zittrouer 127; Dan Huger 474; Winston Stephens 34b; Lee Rogers 475; Kevin Kelly 35; Doyle Ashley 189; Bill Hollingsworth 365; John Garst 312.

Following announcements, John Garst led song on page 62 as the closing song. John Hollingsworth dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—John Garst; Vice Chairman—John Hollingsworth; Secretary—Charlene Wallace; Interim Secretary—Lee Rogers.