Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Baldwin County Sacred Harp
Singing Convention (Cooper Book)

Bay Minette Church of Christ Fellowship Hall,
Bay Minette, Alabama

January 26-27, 2002

Saturday, January 26

Chairman Bill Hogan brought the class to order leading song on page 32. Aubrey Barfield offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Chairman Bill Hogan 36b; Vice Chairman J.A. Mosley 182; Secretary Alice Mosley 484; Laura Clawson 186; Rodney Ivey 172; Reba Windom 505; Bud Oliver 370; Voncille Graus 492; Aubrey Barfield 200; Hershell King 572; Harrison Creel 54t; Wilburn Ellison 451b; Flarce Creel and Ann Jett 571; Milton Oliver 404; Wanda Fay Schumack and Bula Purvis 411; Bill Aplin 166; Ann Jett 516; Ernest Cockroft 422.


John Etheridge brought the class to order leading song on page 133. Leaders: Frank Hataway 32b; Elene Stovall 142; Michael Jones 384; Joe Nall 428; Thurman Nall 292; Tommie Spurlock 574; Betty Wright 410; Stanley Smith 98; Nate Green, Norma Green, and Bill Green 283; Morgan Bunch 383; Agnes Farris 101b; Paulette Chavers 447; Ed Bass 309.


Bill Farris brought the class to order leading song on page 401. Leaders: Beau Patrick 401, 450; Sue Bunch 128; Shane Wootten 478; Wilburn Ellison 126; John Merritt 383; Milton Thrash 83; Willodean Thrash 387; Laura Clawson 416b; Rodney Ivey 39; Reba Windom 500.


Myleto Stewart brought the afternoon session to order leading songs on pages 28 and 497. Leaders: Jeff Corbitt 50t; Richard Graham 573; Ashley McKatley 427; Henry Wright and John Etheridge 554; Bud Oliver 559; Voncille Graus 507; Aubrey Barfield 110; Hershell King 395; Harrison Creel 381, 355; Wilburn Ellison 283b; Flarce Creel 275b; Milton Oliver 515; Thurman Nall 358, 38t; J.A. Mosley 43; Wanda Faye Schumack and Bula Purvis 410; Bill Aplin 385.


Christine Gandy brought the class to order leading song on page 319. Leaders: Genny Whitworth 132; Ernest Cockroft 264.

Chairman Bill Hogan led song on page 331 as the closing song, and Aubrey Barfield offered the closing prayer. The class was dismissed.

Sunday, January 27

Chairman Bill Hogan opened the Sunday morning session leading song on page 99. Aubrey Barfield, serving as Chaplain, offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Vice Chairman J.A. Mosley 49; Secretary Alice Mosley 343; Aubrey Barfield 163, 168; Ann Jett 515, 141; Elene Stovall 183, 478; Thurman Nall 336t; Tommie Spurlock 217, 298; Nate Green and Norma Green 518, 353b.


The class resumed singing with Bill Farris leading songs on pages 559 and 393b. Leaders: Shane Wooten 574, 300; Laura Clawson 274t, 216; Rodney Ivey 137, 224; Reba Windom 222, 76b; Bud Oliver 145t, 563; Hershell King 101t, 535t; Harrison Creel 89.

Bill Hogan gave the memorial lesson; a lesson that was very meaningful and spiritual, and a lesson to carry with us; and then led song on page 32t.

The list of the deceased remembered were: Ida Merrill Nall, Curtis Carter, Gladys (Mrs. J.E.) Harden, Marie Dean, Pearl Patillo, Ruby Wilks, and Winston Jones.

The list of sick and shut-ins remembered were: Emma Mosley, Betty Jerkins, Kelly Beard, J.C. Harden, Arvin Nall, Beulah Nall, James Slaughter, Jap Walton, Joyce Walton, Doris Vickery, Eldora Moody, Leola Smith, and Mattie Townsel. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Milton Oliver 503; Flarce Creel and Ann Jett 58; Wilburn Ellison 507, 447.


J.A. Mosley brought the class to order leading song on page 61. Leaders: Vickie Aplin 277, 421; Margaret Spurlock 112, 108; Betty Wright 408; Stanley Smith 241; John Merritt 392, 358; Beau Patrick 387. The class was dismissed for lunch with the singing of song on page 369 and prayer, which was offered by Aubrey Barfield.


Bill Hogan brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 42. Leaders: Wayne Jones 54t, 225t; Tim Jones 285, 139; Sue Bunch 511b, 488; Amber Springfield 276, 142; Morgan Bunch 77t, 335; Christine Gandy 143, 145b; Genny Whitworth 131, 136; Murray Simmons 373, 146; Dana Merritt 492, 486; Bill Aplin 68.

Announcements were made. Bill Hogan led song on page 516 as the closing song. Aubrey Barfield offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Bill Hogan; Vice Chairman—J.A. Mosley; Secretary—Alice Mosley.