Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New York State Sacred Harp Convention

Barneveld, New York

October 20-21, 2001

Saturday, October 20

The thirteenth annual New York State Sacred Harp Convention was held at Unity Hall, Barneveld, New York on the third Sunday and Saturday before in October. The Saturday session was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Chairperson Laura Densmore leading song on page 34b. Eileen Metzger offered the opening prayer.

Laura Densmore led song on page 178 in memory of Linda Smart, a local singer who died in a car accident the week before. Linda’s memorial service was held the same morning as the convention in Ithaca.

Tollie Lee and David Lee led the singing school using the “Cooper Book” and a selection from the “Lloyds Hymnal.” David Lee began with 305 from the “Lloyds Hymnal”, and the following selections from the “Cooper Book”: 336t, 225t, 140, 511t, and 511b.

Tollie Lee led “Good Morning Brother Pilgrim” and selections from the “Cooper Book”: 574, 572, 568, and 553.


Laura Densmore brought the class to order leading song on page 276. David Lee and Tollie Lee continued with the singing school, and all songs led in this session are from the “Cooper Book.

David Lee 500, 478, 138t, 488b, 263, 502, 39, 38t, 505;

Tollie Lee 522, 515, 497, 485, 84. The singing school was concluded, and Johnny Lee offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Laura Densmore leading song on page 155. Leaders: Allison Schofield 144; Phill Wisor 400; Michael Kaye 163b; Allen Fannin 39t; Deanna Anderson 117; Julie Vea 419; Tracy Vernon 47b; Gerry Hoffman 124; Michael Ryan 53; John Redman 532; George Seiler 183; Patricia Geritz 501; Charles Collett 260; Kelsey Wessels 499; Doron Henkin 217; Edith Berger 480; Margaret Bornick 268; George Seiler 31t; Gina Balestracci 430; Linda Shea 67.


The class was brought together by Barbara Swetman leading song on page 73b. Leaders: Brian Collett 497; Mary Ann Morrison 47t; Ginnie Ely 349; Thom Metzger 216; David Lee 274t; Nicola Collett 455; Johnny Lee 503; Laura Densmore 542; Nancy Crawford 344; Scott Luscombe 159; Amy Lee 49b; Katherine Collett 122; Cath Oss 61.


The class was brought together by Gina Balestracci leading song on page 28t. Leaders: Tim Wheeler 196; Roland Hutchinson “Relly’s Third”; Anne Kazlauskas 479; Guy Bankes 297; Chris Haller 56b; Suzanne Garmsen 569b; Ramona Lee 108t; Rosemary Greenaway 384; Jim Ulrich 551; Dennis Leipold 434; Walter Hartley 146; Cathy Brochet 86; Tollie Lee 45t. Tollie Lee led the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, October 21

The Sunday session was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Laura Densmore leading song on page 201. Tollie Lee offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Sue Ulrich 273; Paula McGray 300; Howard Katz 212; Bob Parr 131t; Jean Seiler 142; Claire Simon 143; Sue Hengelsberg 504; Ginny Huszagh 200; Hal Kunkel 158; Susan Bingham 340; Tollie Lee 100; Kathy Lee 59; George Seiler 45t; Diane Mennella 137; Hugh Anderson 87; Bill Holt 376.


The class was brought together by Barbara Swetman leading song on page 452. Leaders: David Lee 414 (for Joan Frankel); Eileen Metzger 383; Denise Morris 58; Juanita Heyerman 71; Virginia Douglas 49b; Laura Timmerman 282; Richard Schmeidler 254; Allison Schofield 277; Amy Lee 63; Nancy Crawford 335; Edith Berger 48t; Lucy Roberts 46; Julie Vea 327; Tim Wheeler 77t.

Bill Holt and Kathy Lee presented the memorial lesson for the deceased, and Kathy Lee led song on page 285t in their memory. Those remembered were: Linda Smart, Joshua Rychick, David Kalled, Stephen Mulderry, Edna Antillo, Richard Antillo, Michael Iken (WTC), Don DeFranco (WTC), Janice Lee, Viola DeVito, and Esther Christine Rosenberg—New York; Bob Todd, Karen Rumsey, David Lapin, Byron B. McCulloh, and Joanna Sorlien—Pennsylvania; Mary Kay Friday—Washington D.C.; Kevin Crossett Carter—Colorado; Priscilla Hertzler—Massachusetts; George A. Seiler, Elsie Allen, and Eva Lampman—California; J.B. Parker—Georgia; Susan Garber and George Nichols—Connecticut; Wanda Fross—Washington; Katie Clark—Vermont; Muriel Bishop Summers—Scotland and Canada; and Harry Seacombe—Wales, United Kingdom.

Dan Hertzler spoke concerning the loss of local singer Linda Smart and then led song on page 32b.

Diane Mennella and Cath Oss offered comments concerning our sick and shut-ins, and then led song on page 270 in their honor. Those remembered were: Kyra Bean, Harriet Henry, Bryce Butler, Sister Mary Carmel, and Mike Kerhannon—New York; Freeman Wootten—Alabama; Edmund Wojcik, Dot Garber Torrmuce—Connecticut; Dinah Bruenig—Vermont; Sue Lapin—Pennsylvania; Dolorese Lee—Georgia; Bob Scorgie—Wisconsin; Anitra Kaye—California; Dorothy Witten—Maryland; Phil Shea—Massachusetts; Ruth Bruce, Grace McBurney, Annie Molner, Leila Whitcombe, Bettle Massett, and Isabel Smith—Canada; Dorothy Collett—United Kingdom; and Elisabeth Bollinger. Johnny Lee closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Cath Oss 171; Michael Kaye 501; Michael Wesser 229. David Lee offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The class was brought together by Paula McGray leading songs on pages 106 and 89. Leaders: Gina Balestracci 112; Deanna Anderson 481; Gerry Hoffman 485; Margaret Bornick 236; Tollie Lee 108b; Ann Kazlauskas 95; Dan Hertzler 235; John Redman 475; Barbara Swetman “Ten Thousand Charms”; George Seiler 347; Denise Morris 189; Ron Bornick 454; David Lee 176t; Ginnie Ely 196; Walter Hartley 209; Johnny Lee 175b.


The class was brought together by Margaret Bornick leading song on page 49t. Leaders: Kathy Lee, Ramona Lee, and Amy Lee 40; Thom Metzger 101t; Patricia Geritz 34b; Scott Luscombe 274.

Bill Holt and Howard Katz gave the Resolutions Committee Report.

Announcements of singings were made. Laura Densmore led song on page 62 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chair—Laura Densmore; Vice Chair—Barbara Swetman; Treasurer—George Seiler; Secretary—Nancy Crawford.