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Southwest Texas Sacred Harp
Singing Convention (Cooper Book)

Littlevine Primitive Baptist Church, Austin, Texas

September 29-30, 2001

Saturday, September 29

The fall session of the one-hundredth year of the Southwest Texas Convention met at Littlevine Primitive Baptist Church in Austin, Texas beginning on Saturday, September 28th. Chairman Mike Moseley called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. with songs on pages 76 and 484. After greetings and announcements, Tom Owen offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Vice Chairman Reed Coates 143; Secretary Pat Blundell 100; Billy Huckaby 47b; Beverly Coates 47t; Leon Ballinger 137; Al Rogers 63; Sarah Coates 416; Zachary Richards 45t; B.E. Matthews 563; Nancy Yeager 508; Gaylon Powell 268t; Edith Owen 442t; Troxel Ballou 299; Charles Whitmer 218; Tom Owen 411; George Jones 336b; Cheryl Foreman 410.


Vice Chairman Reed Coates brought the class to order leading song on page 51. Leaders: Katie Moseley 99; Kevin Powell 200; Cissy Moseley 573; Ryan Ross 216; Amanda Owen 300; Mike Hinton 146; Martha Aiken 450; Morris Nelms 68t; Olivia Powell and Paula Richards 274t; Jeb Owen 384; Frank Price 571; Mary Bachmann 507b; Robert Vaughn 544; Bruce Coates 264b; Liz Owen 203; Mark Richards 142; Owen Howard and Seth Howard 484b, 133; David Yeager 494; Laura Russell 393; Rick Russell 425b; David Polacheck 324. Prayer was offered by Elder Mark Richards.


Chairman Mike Moseley called the class back together with 139. Leaders: Cheryl Foreman 497; Kevin Powell 240; Joanie Porter 505; John Gardenour 488b; Liz Owen 98; Zachary Richards 72; Mike Hinton 343; Joyce Gardenour 268t; Seth Howard 168; Nancy Yeager 335; Morris Nelms 49t; Sarah Coates 186; Charles Whitmer 575; Cissy Moseley 567; Jeb Owen 470; Laura Russell 383; Owen Howard 58; Katie Moseley 183; Leon Ballinger 332.


Vice Chairman Reed Coates brought the class to order leading 77t. Leaders: Amanda Owen 155; Billy Huckaby 559; Beverly Coates 543; Joseph Stang 73t; David Yeager and Melba Forsberg 38; Al Rogers 500; Rick Russell 276; Olivia Powell 235; David Polacheck 38b; Edith Owen 511t; Ryan Ross 224; Gail Stang 239; Tom Owen 244; Robert Vaughn 533b; Troxel Ballou 427; B.E. Matthews 414; Mary Bachmann 78; Gaylon Powell 434; Curtis Owen 400; Bruce Coates 225t.

The Saturday session was dismissed with prayer led by Bruce Coates.

Sunday, September 30

Chairman Mike Moseley opened the day of singing with songs on 131b and 30b. Curtis Owen offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Vice Chairman Reed Coates 217; Secretary Pat Blundell 164; Ryan Ross 196; Olivia Powell 450; Al Rogers 54t; Amanda Owen 99; John Baker 110; Mary Bachmann 43; Owen Howard 283t; Nancy Yeager 508; Morris Nelms 395b; Katie Moseley 543; Rick Russell 280; Liz Owen 84; Seth Howard 79; Laura Russell 428; David Yeager 494; Beverly Coates 572; Leon Ballinger 358; Cheryl Foreman 381t.


Vice Chairman Reed Coates called the class back together with 75. Leaders: Cassandra Baker 159; Robert Vaughn 239; Sarah Coates 421; Gaylon Powell 53; Cissy Moseley 143; Curtis Owen 558; Kevin Powell 132; Edith Owen 293b; B.E. Matthews 230; Billy Huckaby 406; Liz Owen 444t; Jeb Owen 522; George Jones 513t; Tom Owen 138t; David Moseley 424; Laura Russell 42; Rick Russell 48t; David Yeager 47t; Nancy Yeager 422b; Seth Howard 388, 282.

Memorial Service: Tom Owen read the following names of singers and supporters of Sacred Harp music that have passed away: Alcie Craig, Mildred Edmonds, Annie Mae Smith, Lorene Hutchinson, Bill Handley, Lanelle Handley, Erma Holmes, Nobie Smith, and Ruby Meek.

Tom Owen used “Mothers of Sacred Harp” as his theme for the memorial and led song on page 403 for the deceased.

Reed Coates read the list of sick and shut-ins and led song on page 129 for: Verna Powell, Myra Palmer, Lawson Smith, Junior Smith, Myrl Jones, W.M. “Pete” Baker, Frances Daniels, Ophelia Matthews, and Viola Jones—Texas; Kim Watkins—Alabama.

Gaylon Powell brought to our attention that it had been 19 days since America was attacked by terrorists in New York City and Washington, D.C., and then led song on page 484 in memory of those who died September 11. Robert Vaughn closed the memorial service with prayer. George Jones offered prayer for the noon meal.


Chairman Mike Moseley called the class back together with 442. Leaders: Al Rogers 449; Katie Moseley 47b; Kevin Powell 486; James Moseley 32t; Jeb Owen 182; Cassandra Baker 323b; Morris Nelms 365; Tom Owen 306; Billy Huckaby 290; Amanda Owen 189; Ryan Ross 198; Bruce Coates 31t; Robert Vaughn 538; Beverly Coates 270; John Baker 98; Sarah Coates 112; Leon Ballinger 192; B.E. Matthews 405; Edith Owen 515; Gaylon Powell 91; Liz Owen 288; Curtis Owen 149; George Jones 285t; Seth Howard 166b; Nancy Yeager 489; Owen Howard 77t; Seth Howard and Owen Howard 133; David Yeager 122; Olivia Powell 511b; Jeb Owen 377t; Katie Moseley 222; Billy Huckaby 400; Amanda Owen 404; Ryan Ross 559; Sarah Coates 478.

Chairman Mike Moseley gave thanks to Littlevine Church for hosting the singing. Chairman Mike Moseley and Vice Chairman Reed Coates led song on page 377b as the closing song. Leon Ballinger dismissed the class with prayer.

The following states were represented: California, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, and Texas.

Chairman—Mike Moseley; Vice Chairman—Reed Coates; Secretary—Pat Baker Blundell.