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East Texas Sacred Harp
Singing Convention (Cooper Book)

Henderson Community Center, Henderson, Texas

August 11-12, 2001

Saturday, August 11

The one hundred thirty-third session of the East Texas Sacred Harp Singing Convention met at the Henderson Community Center in Henderson, Texas and was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by John Morris leading song on page 119. Tom Owen offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Marion Grant 36t; Emmie Morris 171; B.E. Matthews 434; Morris Nelms 49t; Sam Craig 120; Beverly Coates 442t; Nate Green and Norma Green 283t; Alexandra Makris 59; Ophelia Matthews 563; Tommie Spurlock 183; Jeannette Adams 275b; Aubrey Barfield 140; Doris Hanks 112; Robert Vaughn 466; H.P. O’Mary 61; Bob McLemore 58; Vivian Rogan 36b; Reed Coates 143; Jeb Owen 559; Leon Ballinger 217; Liz Owen 99.


The class was called to order by John Morris leading song on page 127. Leaders: Coy Ivey 137; Myra Palmer 497; Donald Ross 250; Mattie Townsel 186; John Beard 282; Gaylon Powell 272; Charlene Wallace 192; Kelly Beard 395t; Diane Ross 168; Olivia Powell 450; Stanley Smith 193b; Ryan Ross 276; Bruce Coates 553b; Josh Rogan 383; Myrl Jones 142; Michelle Rogan 522; Cissy Moseley 189; Ernestine Pipkin 277; Owen Ross 518; Billy Huckaby 76b; Robert Gholson 564; Tim McClain 82; Mary Bachmann “Land Beyond The Sky” (her own composition); Neil Vaught 60. Judge Donald Ross offered the prayer for the noon meal.


The class was brought to order by Anita Landess leading song on page 348. Leaders: Katie Moseley 543b; Catherine Rogan 215; Sarah Coates 131t; Charlie Vaughn 549; Margaret Rounsavall 222; Monnie Ross 108b; Kevin Powell 240; Gary Rogan 54t; Amanda Owen 508; Mike Moseley 200; Tom Owen 541; Frank Hataway 138; Baron Powers 239; Dustin Rounsavall 299; Zach Rogan 427; Jo Redmon 40; Albano Alban 38t.


Tom Owen opened with song on page 176t. Leaders: Dale Redmon, Jr. 540; B.E. Matthews and Ophelia Matthews 45; Scott Curran 98; Seth Howard 31t; David Moseley 216; Cheryl Foreman 53; Owen Howard 47b; David Rousseau 447t; Hans Guttmann 505; Margaret Rounsavall 358; Owen Ross 182; Morris Nelms 28t; Sam Craig 145t; Beverly Coates 148; Nate Green and Norma Green 115; Alexandra Makris 388; Dustin Rounsavall 128.

Stanley Smith led 331t as the closing song, and the class was dismissed in prayer led by Robert Vaughn.

Sunday, August 12

The Sunday morning session was opened at 9:30 a.m. by John Morris leading song on page 170. The morning prayer was led by Gary Rogan.

Leaders: Dale Redmon, Jr. 507b; Jeannette Adams 417; Aubrey Barfield 156; Doris Hanks 384; Jeanette Nelson 333; Lynnette Howard 133; Vivian Rogan 290; Reed Coates 39; Scott Curran 203; Sam Craig 270; Jeb Owen 421; Leon Ballinger 470; Frank Hataway 395b; Ernestine Pipkin 171; Liz Owen 376; Cheryl Foreman 84; Coy Ivey 559; David Rousseau 159.


John Morris brought the class back to order leading song on page 58. Leaders: Gary Rogan 132; Myra Palmer 414; Gaylon Powell 365; Hans Guttmann 340; Mattie Townsel and Coy Ivey 444; Mike Moseley 139; Owen Howard 280; John Beard 218; Seth Howard 168; Anita Landess 571; Kevin Powell 300; Charlene Wallace 186; Tommie Spurlock 574; Nate Green and Norma Green 145b; Alexandra Makris 63; Landis Powell 68; Stanley Smith 411; Kelly Beard and Neil Beard 379; Katie Moseley 222; Myrl Jones and Myra Palmer 572.

Memorial Lesson: David Rousseau read the list of names of those who had passed away since last year’s convention. Those listed were: Alcie Craig, Pauline Cathy, Nobie Smith, Mildred Edmonds, and Lucille McMillan—Texas; Woodie Walker, Grady Price, Nelda Tolbert, Winston Jones, Eloise Watkins, and Arnell Henry—Alabama; B.H. Handley and Lanelle Handley.

A moving devotional was given by Mary Craig entitled “Death and Immortality.” David Rousseau led song on page 33, and Charlie Vaughn led song on page 285t. Gaylon Powell closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.


The class was brought to order for the afternoon session by John Morris leading song on page 98. Leaders: Amanda Owen 99; Sarah Coates 110; Michelle Rogan 220; Mary Bachmann 188; Monnie Ross 422b; Grant Howard 47t, 47b; Zach Rogan 215; Robert Vaughn 442; Olivia Powell and Jo Redmon 235; David Moseley 137; Cissy Moseley 89; Tom Owen 558b; Catherine Rogan 196; Morris Nelms 40; Bruce Coates 134; Josh Rogan 404; Billy Huckaby 400; Hans Guttmann and Jeanette Nelson 32t; Neil Vaught 563; Beverly Coates 416t; Charlie Vaughn 387; Jo Redmon 393t; Grant Howard, Seth Howard, Trevor Howard, and Owen Howard 45t.

Kelly Beard led the closing song on page 377b, and the class was dismissed in prayer led by David Rousseau.

Co-Chairpersons—John Morris and Emmie Morris; Secretary/Treasurer—Marion Grant.