Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mount Pisgah Singing Society (Cooper Book)

Stroud, Chambers County, Alabama

Saturday, May 26, 2001

The class was promptly called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Don Clark leading songs on pages 29t and 170. Mark Davis was called upon to offer the morning prayer. Don Clark welcomed everyone and led song on page 58. Vice President John Etheridge led song on page 408, followed by Secretary Amy Lee leading 59, after which the following program was presented.

Leaders: Jack Nelson 30b; T.J. Stewart 144; Jimmie Denney 145b; Margie Smith 507b; Annie Lee Price 384; Curtis Rogers 335; Henry Johnson 418; Riley Lee 485; Betty Wright 54t; B.M. Smith 559; Bud Oliver 563; Everette Denney 291; Julie Lee 82.


The second session was called to order by President Don Clark leading song on page 358 (requested by Eleanor Clark). Leaders: Felton Denney 507t; Louis Hughes 381t; Floy Wilder 142; Liz Bryant 98; Isabelle Green 282; Johnny Lee 515; Tommie Spurlock 376; Anita Landess 500; S.T. Reed 138t; Ramona Lee 461; Linda Fagan 488b; Bill Stewart 451b; Laura Densmore 313; Dennis George 392.


The final session of the morning was called to order by President Don Clark leading song on page 501. Leaders: John Plunkett 477; Kathy Lee 171; Scott Moore 270 (leading his first lesson); Darlene Dalton 38t; Mark Davis 522; Karen Clark 421; Elder Clarke Lee 149; Bobby Jackson 274t; Sharon Kellam 511t; John Merritt 283; Phil Slay 508; Elder Tollie Lee 395t; Don Bowen 326t; Velton Chafin 570.


After a bountiful spread of delicious food, the afternoon session was called to order by President Don Clark leading “Trusting” (WB) and 146. Leaders: Tor Bejnar 573; Chip Ward 416t; Danny Creel 383; Charlene Wallace 218; Mary Elizabeth Lee 40; Glenn Keeton 505; Charles Woods 571; Cassie Franklin 478; Frank Hadaway 395b; Lee Rogers 575; Judy Mincey 411; Buell Cobb 108t; Helen Bryson 484b; Linda Thomas 137 (requested in memory of Virgil Phillips); Brenda Merritt 450.


The second session of the afternoon was opened with President Don Clark leading song on page 520. Leaders: David Lee 176t; Syble Adams 367; Joe Nall 294; Bob Goodman 63; Cindy Tanner 486; Lou Cotney 189; Nate Green and Norma Green 432; Guy Bankes 494; Andy Morris 288; Wilburn Ellyson 447t; Amber Springfield 276; Regina Grayson 470; Stanley Smith 140; Rachel Lee, David Lee, and Kathy Lee 268t; Alice Bejnar 100; LaRue Allen 110; Tommie Spurlock 567 (for Bill Aplin who was present but not able to stand and lead).

President Don Clark thanked all singers who came from far and near making the day the great success it was, and made a few remarks concerning the history of this singing. A total of nine states were represented. The singing was organized in 1903, continued until about 1955, and reorganized in 1992, making this the tenth session since the reorganization. We invite everyone to meet with us again on May 25, 2002 for another great day of singing praises in Jesus’ name.

Announcements were made. Don Clark, John Etheridge, and Amy Lee led song on page 62, and all who wished took the parting hand. Elder Clark Lee dismissed the class with prayer.

President—Don Clark; Vice President—John Etheridge; Secretary—Amy Lee.