Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Brazos River Convention (Cooper Book)

Washington-on-the-Brazos State Park, Texas

Saturday, March 31, 2001

Gaylon Powell called the convention to order by leading songs on pages 449 and 68b. Elder Billy Moseley offered the opening prayer.

A business session was held for the purpose of electing officers. Those elected or appointed to serve were: Chairman—Gaylon Powell; Vice Chairman—Tom Owen; Secretary—Tammy Powell; Finance Committee—Landis Powell and Curtis Owen.

Leaders: Gaylon Powell 567; Tom Owen 411, 416t; Scott Curran 98, 112; Curtis Owen 558b, 204; Doris Hanks 63, 355; Ophelia Matthews 384, 511b; Liz Owen 484b, 203; Cissy Moseley 500, 299; Leon Ballinger 358, 137; D.J. Hatfield 300, 77t; Edith Owen 410, 489; Billy Moseley 507b, 47t.


Tom Owen called the class back to order leading song on page 422t. Leaders: Terre Schill 414, 383; Katie Moseley 142, 216; Mike Moseley 434, 270; Olivia Powell 171, 450; Jeb Owen 268b, 400; David Moseley 198, 217; Kevin Powell 126, 200; Mary Ann Owen 268t, 293b; B.E. Matthews 298, 106; Lee Williams 448, 571. Richard Goodrum offered the noon prayer.


Gaylon Powell called a small group together to help give a mini-singing school and small demonstration to a touring church group from Houston, Texas. Songs on pages 49t, 53, and 239 were selected to help demonstrate the different types of songs in the Sacred Harp, and the group was invited to join us to sing or just listen.

The afternoon session was brought to order by Gaylon Powell leading song on page 29b. Leaders: Tom Owen 138t, 139; B.E. Matthews 405, 406; Kevin Powell 224, 543; Edith Owen 283, 505; Billy Moseley 508, 440b; Doris Hanks 515, 422b; Lee Williams 451b, 85; Katie Moseley 192, 222; David Moseley 186, 176t; Leon Ballinger 120, 470; Ophelia Matthews 572, 573; Scott Curran 168, 276.


Tom Owen called the class to order leading song on page 225. Leaders: Mike Moseley “Royal Hill” (own composition), 376; Olivia Powell 277, 282; Cissy Moseley 559, 563; Mary Ann Owen 145b, 47b; Curtis Owen 511, 154; Jeb Owen 377t, 230; D.J. Hatfield 436b, 140; Liz Owen 122, 442t; Terre Schill 30b, 111b; Mike Moseley 99; Leon Ballinger 331t; Gaylon Powell 310.

The Finance Committee gave the report that all expenses had been met.

Special thanks were given to Mike Moseley for his help with lunch.

A general consensus was made to meet again next year in the Conference Center at the State Park instead of at the museum.

Gaylon Powell led song on page 496t as the closing song. Scott Curran dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Gaylon Powell; Vice Chairman—Tom Owen; Secretary—Tammy Powell.