Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Hoboken Annual All-Day Sacred Harp
Singing (Cooper Book)

Hoboken, Georgia

Saturday, March 17, 2001

The singing was called to order by David Lee and Clarke Lee leading song on page 88b. David Lee and Clarke Lee welcomed everyone, sang the scale, then led song on page 68b (walked the time). Tom Owen offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: David Lee and Clarke Lee 218 (walked the time); Kathy Lee and Julie Lee 544, 31b; Don Clark 171; Amy Lee 140; Ramona Lee 422b; Kathryn Keller 127; Bob Bonnell 511b; Betty Wright 343b; Doug Stapleton 276; Greg Howard 47b; Leon Ballinger 120; Juanita Heyerman 461; Ruel Lee 574; Lee Bradley 135; Les Singleton 63.


Bryant Lee brought the class back to order leading and walking time to song on page 451. Leaders: Levon Wootten 498b; Allison Dodson and Antonio Mitchell 335; Jessica Roberts 192; Gail Doss and Judy North 137; Louis Hughes, Jr. 395b; Reed Coates 186; Christine Stevens 195; Tollie Lee and his mother, Elvera Lee 518, 84; Tor Bejnar 565; Ginnie Ely 344; Liz Bryant and Bob Goodman 98; Mike Devane, J.W. Devane, Joshua Devane 484b; Liz Owen 99.


David Lee, Ramona Lee, and Roy Harris brought the class back to order leading song on page 358. Leaders: Jesse Roberts 300; Midge Olsen 478; Louis Hughes, Sr. 38t; Beverly Coates 559; Tommie Spurlock 183; Rachel Lee and Regina Bayer 268t; Todd Mitchell 416t; Darlene Dalton 488b; Jeb Owen 450; Alice Bejnar 454; Jim Pfau 324; Chip Ward 274t; Amy Whisenant 449; Jenny Willard 367; Judy Mincey 411; Tom Owen 89.

David Lee made a few remarks about the importance of our heritage and the need to honor the singers who have helped to bring this tradition forward. Mrs. Roxie Chesser Crawford, 93 years old, came to the center of the square and talked about her experiences through this singing. David Lee, Clarke Lee, and Mrs. Roxie Chesser Crawford led “Land of Beulah.”


Clarke Lee brought the class back to order leading song on page 535t. Leaders: Jason Deal 58; Don Bowen 336t; Walter Justice 393t; Wendell Hickox 62; Coy Ivey 222; John Bayer 106; Mary Elizabeth Lee 40; Eleanor Haase 505; Bruce Coates 133; Karen Clark 270; Kit Pfau 128; Sarah Coates 112; Keith Willard 511t; Myra Dalton 225t; Josh Devane 239; Cassie Franklin, Darlene Dalton, and Myra Dalton 138t; John Plunkett 327.


David Lee brought the class back to order leading and walking time to song on page 45t. Leaders: Gordon Olsen 571; Laura Densmore 313; Reba Dell Windom and Coy Ivey 384; John Hollingsworth 82; Johnny Lee and family 41; Aubrey Barfield 212; Lee Rogers 575; Russ Scholz 447; Ann Barnett 508; Laurie Sommers and John Crowley 332; Willis Lee 527; Job Driggers 146; John Gardenour 572; Amy Steuver, Jenny Steuver, Stephanie Steuver, and JoDell Steuver 361, 348t.

Announcements were made. David Lee and Clarke Lee led song on page 553b as the closing song. Elder Clarke Lee dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairmen—David Lee and Clarke Lee; Arranging—Don Clark; Secretary—Amy Lee.