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Florida State Convention (Cooper Book)

Panama City, Florida

December 2-3, 2000

Saturday, December 2

The thirty-third session of the Florida State Convention was held on the first Sunday and Saturday before in December at the Holiday Inn in Panama City, Florida. The class was called to order by Chairman Don Clark leading song on page 59. David Lee led the opening prayer.

Leaders: John Etheridge 82; Bud Oliver 47; Aubrey Barfield 404; Jewell Rowland 142; Tollie Lee 84; B.M. Smith 563; Alexandra Makris 49t; Tor Bejnar 175; Nancy Van Den Akker 394; Russ Scholz 57; Mary Elizabeth Lee 40; Coy Ivey 63; Amber Springfield 511b.


John Etheridge brought the class to order leading song on page 133. Leaders: Leon Ballinger 384; Frank Hataway 443b; Kathy Lee 115b; George Cox 395b; Betty Wright 54; Louis Hughes 38t (for Harrison Creel); Karen Clark 478; Kennon Smith 189; Wanda Capps 505; Ernest Cockcroft 49b; Elene Stovall 559; Bob Bonnell 75; Mattie Townsel 186.


Chairman Don Clark brought the class to order leading song on page 45t. Leaders: Reba Dell Windom 573; Hershell King 572; Elsie Moon 555; Alice Bejnar 337; Velton Chafin 377b; Jenny Willard 140; David Lee 128; Ann Jett 515; Max Berueffy 344; Robert Handel 41; Cecile Cox 282; Cheryl Foreman 132; Nate Green and Norma Green 225. The class was dismissed for lunch with the singing of 369 and prayer offered by Tim Smith.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Don Clark leading song on page 422b. Leaders: Joe Nall 214; Edith Tate 73; Keith Willard 391; Cassie Franklin 292b; Milton Oliver 503; Genny Whitworth 136; Glenn Keeton and Ashley Keeton 137; Mark Brown “Sweet Beulah Land” (by request), 571; Alice Mosley 343; Agnes Farris 410; Tommie Spurlock 574; Margaret Spurlock 268t; Bill Farris 401; Victoria Aplin 87.


Bud Oliver brought the class to order leading song on page 145t. Leaders: J.A. Mosley 542; Juanita Hill 313; Bill Aplin 275; Eva Padgett 156; Stacy Miller 384; Jeff Sheppard 286b; Ramona Lee 367 (by request); David Lee 288 (by request for Irma Shirah); Cassie Franklin 98 (by request for Tommy Barfield); Aubrey Barfield 198 (for Mamie Riley).

Don Clark led song on page 100 as the closing song. Bill Aplin dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, December 3

The Sunday morning session was brought to order by Chairman Don Clark leading song on page 32. Glenn Keeton offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Chairman Don Clark 99; First Vice Chairman John Etheridge 51; Second Vice Chairman Bud Oliver 440; Secretary Jewell Rowland 341; Aubrey Barfield 522; B.M. Smith 222; Tollie Lee 550; Alexandra Makris 348; Regina Grayson 300; Nancy Van Den Akker 139; Coy Ivey 449; Leon Ballinger 507b; Amber Springfield 192; Frank Hataway 138t; Kathy Lee 171; George Cox 108t; Betty Wright 323b.


Don Clark brought the class back to order leading song on page 115b. Leaders: Louis Hughes 381; Jenny Willard and Keith Willard 199; Karen Clark 336t; Julie Lee 82; J.A. Mosley 526; Wanda Capps 142.

The Memorial Committee, Shelbie Sheppard, Elsie Moon, and Tommie Spurlock, presented the memorial lesson. Shelbie Sheppard spoke to the class, using texts from songs, with emphasis on there being “One More River To Cross”. She led the chorus from the song on page 290 and then read the list of names of those deceased: Gene Wakefield, Marie Aldridge, Arnell Henry, Willie Mosley, Rosa Hughes, James Theo Grayson, Lucille Forman, Shelton Williamson, Arthur Phillips, Roy Beard, Horace Batchelor, Juanita Whitman, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, and Herbert Phillips—Alabama; Fayrene Wakefield—Mississippi; Karen House—New York; Susan Fitch—Louisiana; Jack Smith—Georgia; Ed Craig—Texas; Robert Berueffy—Washington; Sue Galloway, H.C. Price, and Verla Ross—Florida. Elsie Moon led song on page 414b especially for Marie Aldridge. Jeff Sheppard led song on page 38t for all the deceased and song on page 137 in special remembrance of Virgil Phillips.

Tommie Spurlock led song on page 179 for the sick and shut-ins: Miss Mimms, Warren Mason, Lucille Tolbert, Harrison Creel, Flarce Creel, Eloise Watkins, Thurman Nall, Woodie Walker, Bill Green, Beufa Green, Polly Moore, Wood Moore, and Chrystene Lacey—Alabama; Pauline Childress—Michigan; Lane Albritton and John Barfield—Florida; Jim Pfau—Minnesota; Alcie Craig, Mildred Edmonds, Kelly Beard, and Ernestine Pipkin—Texas. Tollie Lee closed the memorial with prayer.

Bud Oliver led song on page 270. As the custom of this convention, the class sang song on page 369, and Mark Brown offered the noon prayer.


John Etheridge brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 332. Leaders: Mattie Townsel 138b; Elizabeth Labato 276; Bill Aplin 424; Reba Dell Windom 505; Elene Stovall, Max Berueffy, and Reba Dell Windom 559, 203; Velton Chafin 114b; David Lee 488t; Cecile Cox 274; Cheryl Foreman 53; Nate Green and Norma Green 540; Tim Jones 47t; Milton Oliver 54t; Eva Padgett 536; Jeff Sheppard 497; Russ Scholz 489; Tommie Spurlock 183; Victoria Aplin 503; Aubrey Barfield 358 (for Pauline Pruett); Emmie Lou Grayson and David Lee 487b.

A business session was held. The officers for next year (2001) were presented: Chairman—Bud Oliver; First Vice Chairman—Reba Dell Windom; Second Vice Chairman—Mark Brown.

Bud Oliver, Reba Dell Windom, and Don Clark led song on page 62 as the closing song. David Lee dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Don Clark; Secretary—Jewell Rowland.