Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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East Texas Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Henderson Community Center, Henderson, Texas

August 12-13, 1995

Saturday, August 12

The one hundred twenty-seventh session of the convention met at the Community Center in Henderson, Texas. The Chairman, John Morris, opened the class by leading song on page 63. He called on Rev. Robert Vaughn to lead the opening prayer. Emmie Morris and Marion Grant served as the Arranging Committee. Leaders called were: Emmie Morris 192; Marion Grant 217; Sam Craig 395b; Mike Hinton 146; Beverly Coates 82; Ruby Phillips 528; Tom Owen 336b; Bob Bonnell 290; Pauline Childers 212; Stanley Smith 94; Sarah Coates 203; Andrew Albers 89; Louie Smith 470; Edith Tate 507t; Ernestine Pipkin 497; J. W. Oliver 282; Donald Ross 419; Josh Rogan 239; Ann Jett 518; Avon Miller 302; Jeb Owen 559; Vernice Calvert 321; Elvin Guthrie 172; Greg Economides 280; Joan Aldridge 572; Kelly Beard 337; Diane Ross 299; Aubrey Barfield 404. Before the class was dismissed for recess, Mayor Chester Johnson welcomed the singing group to Henderson, and Suzanne Cross spoke on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce to welcome all who came, and invited them to enjoy the refreshments provided.


John Morris reassembled the class by leading song on page 542. Leaders : Leon Ballinger 508; Troxel Ballou 65; Sandy Hill 132; Tommy Spurlock 183; H. P. O’Mary 275b; Marcelene Hardy 189; Bob McLemore 58; Cindy Franklin 39; Elizabeth Rogan 148; Wanda Capps 200; Monnie Ross 335; Marie Aldridge 304; Gary Rogan 369; Carlene Griffin 422b; Edith Owen 553; Bob Parr 215; Myra Palmer 414. The group was dismissed in prayer for the noon meal by Harrison Creel.


The afternoon session opened with John Morris leading song on page 155. Leaders called were: Robert Vaughn 71; Daphene Causey 434; Azalee Barnett 384; Lawson Smith 142; Amanda Owen 168; Stuart Ivey 128; Dalton Clanton 507b; Vivian Rogan 45t; Cassie Franklin 371; Doris Hanks 450; Mary Orue 112; Coy Ivey 449; Essie Calvert 405; Dale Redmon, Jr. 540; Michelle Rogan 427; A. A. Smith, Jr. 53; Zack Rogan 348t; Richard Ivey 358; Flarce Creel 270; Gaylon Powell 235.


The class was called to order by John Morris leading song on page 170. Leaders called were: Joe Nelson 274; Reed Coates 47; M. H. Creel 355; Agnes Farris 410; Chris Blevins 104; Bill Farris 111t; Norma Latham 573; Olivia Blevins 171; David Ivey 201; Thurman Nall 569; Ophelia Matthews 563; Mary Backman 324; Everett Denney 403; Regina Clark 47b. This concluded the Saturday session of the convention with eighty people leading, eighty three songs sung, and one hundred six people having signed visitor’s cards. The class was dismissed in prayer by David Rousseau.

Sunday, August 13

The Sunday session was opened by the Chairman, John Morris, leading song on page 59. Leaders called were: Bruce Coates 484; Charlene Wallace 365; Bernice Cottle 84; B. F. Matthews 38t; Barbara Moore 229; Al Rogers 575; Ray Barnett 520; Ruby Phillips 440b; Louie Smith 217; Ernestine Pipkin 450; Jeb Owen 522; Vernice Calvert 142; Elvin Guthrie 222; Greg Economides 218; Mike Hinton 61; Tom Owen 242; Stanley Smith 336t; Teresa Lowery 411; Josh Rogan 128; Edith Tate 491; J. W. Oliver 418; Ann Jett 146; Sarah Coates 129; Andrew Albers 267b; Pauline Childers 224; Bob Bonnell 343b; Essie Calvert 572.


The second part of the morning session was opened by John Morris leading song on page 76b. Leaders called were: A. A. Smith, Jr. 383; Diane Ross 300; Jo Redmon 393t; Marie Aldridge 414b; Richard Ivey 282; Flarce Creel 54t; Daphene Causey and Virgil Phillips 137; Lawson Smith 108b; Amanda Owen 186; Stuart Ivey 155; Owen Ross 220; Cassie Franklin 559; Gaylon Powell 524; Reed Coates 31; M. H. Creel and Cassie Franklin 381t. The memorial devotional was led by Mary Craig concerning “The Passing Over”. “So he passed over, and all the trumpets sounded for him on the other side.” With these oft’-quoted words, John Bunyan described the passing of Mr. Valiant-for-truth through the River of Death.

“I Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone”, “Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me”, “There’ll be rest for Me ( On the other side of Jordan)”, the beautiful Navy hymn, “Eternal Father, strong to save, whose arm doth bind the restless wave; O hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea.” Death is often described as a voyage—a passing over to “The farther shore.” Poets, the writers of Holy Scripture, and hymn writers convey this idea. Often at funerals we hear quoted Tennyson’s beautiful poem on immortality, (“Crossing the Bar”) “Sunset and Evening Star, And on Clear call for me—And may—there be no moaning at the bar, When I put out to sea.”

Yes, we can accept the idea that death is a crossing over. Theodore Roosevelt called it, “The Greatest Adventure”. We are all closer to the “farther shore” than we realize. It is very, very close. Are we making preparations? Do we have our passports? We have our right of passage if we belong to Christ. He is our “Rite” of passage. The sea is charted. There’s a pilot on board. We can stand at the bow unafraid, enjoying, yes, exulting in, this home-going voyage. On the subject of immortality, Jesus is the final authority—the Clarion Voice: Because I live, ye shall live also.....In my Father’s house are many mansions.....I go to prepare a place for you.....I am the resurrection and the life..... Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.....This day shalt thou be with me in Paradise. Those whose lives are honored in this Memorial Moment are as follows: Dale Redmon, 8:30 a.m. Easter Morning, Tatum, Texas; William Lewis Vaughn, May 18, Laneville, Texas; J. P. Hawkins, October 5, 1994; Helen Ivey Cordell and Lois Green from Alabama; Arnevis Norton, June, 1995, San Antonio, Texas; Ethel Clark, March, Huntington; Elder Pete Walker, Conroe, Texas; Lila Fulmer, Smith County, Texas; Y. B. Yancey, Smith County, Texas. Myra Palmer led songs on pages 45t and 403, “How happy are the souls above, from sin and sorrow free, with Jesus they are now at rest, and all His glory see”. The group was dismissed with prayer by David Rousseau.


The afternoon session was opened by John Morris leading song on page 335t. Leaders called were: Coy Ivey 63; Joan Aldridge 515; Phyllis Costner 168; Edith Owen 511b; Bob Parr 428; Bill Farris 401; Norma Latham 511t; Everette Denney 283; Carlene Griffin 85; Donald Ross 315; David Rousseau 492; Catherine Rogan 274; Beverly Coates 331b; Aubrey Barfield 140; Leon Ballinger 196; Dale Redmon, Jr. 563; Sandy Hill 334; Tommy Spurlock 574; Cindy Franklin 505; Wanda Capps 571; David Ivey 395; Baron Powers 239; Mickey Thompson 31t; Elizabeth Rogan 215; Ophelia Matthews 384; Dalton Clanton 512; Marie Guthrie 434; Vivian Rogan 32t; Marcelene Hardy 172; Michelle Rogan 427; Monnie Ross 49; Joe Nelson 28b; Gary Rogan 230; Mary Bachmann 346. Bruce Coates led the closing song on page 62. The class was dismissed in prayer by Mr. B. E. Matthews.

Co-Chairpersons—John Morris and Emmie Morris; Vice Chairman—Sam Craig; Secretary/Treasurer—Marion Grant.