Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Fohs Hall Four-Note Singing

Marion, Kentucky

January 21, 1995

The fourth annual four-note singing was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Chairman William Ralph Paris. He pointed out that this should have been the fifth singing; however, last year’s singing was cancelled due to snow and ice. Mr. Paris announced that the session would use two books: “The Sacred Harp” (1991 Revision) and “The Southern Harmony”. For beginning singers, he gave an explanation of where the parts are located in the square, and discussed William Walker’s pendulum for setting tempos in “The Southern Harmony”. Mr. Paris claimed he would use the pendulum if there was any disagreement as to tempo. Among those in attendance was 98 year old Clarence Blakney of Benton, Kentucky. He is a fine shape-note singer and one of the last living veterans of World War I. He will be 99 in February. The morning began with a one-hour session from “The Southern Harmony”, with the chairman calling pages 66 and 10. Leaders: Don Waggonner 296, 80; Bob Meek 266, 213; Tim Reynolds 291, 322; Robert Chandler 89; Karen Isbell 5, 11; Mary Ruth Cannon 15, 38; Charles Coulston 283; Keith MacAdam 50.


Tim Reynolds called the class back to order for a one-hour session from “The Sacred Harp”. He led song on page 335. Leaders: Clayton Ezell 35, 390; Kathy Hull 143; Gordon Wilkerson 480, 434; Jeanette Lowry 39t, 383; Mary Brinkman 178, 523b; William Paris 236, 89; Bob Meek 569b; Keith MacAdam 196, 128 (in memory of John Stevenson, president of Berea College, who passed away in December); Tim Reynolds 200.


The afternoon session convened with Tim Reynolds leading from “The Sacred Harp”, pages 84 and 168. William Paris led page 18b, “Liberty Hall”, from the four-note book, “The Kentucky Harmony”. Leaders: Glenn Fulbright 181; Don Waggoner 410, 338; Robert Chandler 127; Jeanette Lowry 146; Clayton Ezell 384, 358; Karen Isbell 350, 454; Mary Ruth Cannon 64, 29; Kathy Hull 551, 85; Mary Brinkman 65, 49b.


The session was called to order with William Paris leading page 192 from “The Southern Harmony”, in memory of Jamie Hunt, and page 193. Leaders: Bill Hunt 103; Gordon Wilkerson 162, 163; Arnold Hunt 144, 127; Charles Coulston 46; Willard Walker 165; Clayton Ezell 16, 94; Keith MacAdam 265, 88: Jeanette Lowry 134, 125; William Paris 3t, 8, 166. Following announcements and a closing prayer, the singing was dismissed at 3:10 p.m. by singing page 334 from “The Southern Harmony”, “The Christian’s Farewell”.

Chairman—William Paris; Vice Chairman—Tim Reynolds; Secretary—Karen Isbell.