Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mount Pisgah Singing Society (Cooper Book)

Stroud, Chambers County, Alabama

Saturday, May 27, 2000

The annual all day singing of the Mount Pisgah Singing Society was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Don Clark leading song on page 76b. Elder Thomas Mobley was asked to offer the morning prayer.

Officers for this year are: President—Don L. Clark; Vice President—John Etheridge; Secretary—Amy Lee; Arranging Committee—Stanley Smith and Don Clark.

Leaders: Don Clark 77t; John Etheridge 112; Amy Lee 140; Paula Fagan 61; Dewayne Hawthorne 363; Isabelle Green 559; Curtis Rogers 323b; Frank Hadaway 58; Winston Jones 134; John Plunkett 66; Wilburn Ellison 447t; Alice Bejnar 507b; Felton Denney 31t.


Don Clark called the class to order leading songs on pages 101t and 100. Leaders: Tor Bejnar 538; Bud Oliver 515; Hugh McGraw 416t; Dennis George 39; Jenny Willard 367; Coy Ivey 449; Elder Jonathan Blakeley 81; David Lee 511b; Lonnie Rogers 395b; Helen Bryson 172; Tommie Spurlock 574; Jimmie Denney 101t; Daphene Causey 229; Ann Jett 503.


Order was restored by President Don Clark leading song on page 49b. Leaders: Flarce Creel 54t; Rodney Ivey 98; Wayne Jones 336t; Cassie Franklin 292b; Lee Rogers 411; Tim Cook 133; Lois Stanson 146; Keith Willard 80t; Eric Morgan 225t; Syble Adams 99; Phil Slay 508; S.T. Reed 567; Jeff Sheppard 466; Karen Buche 199; Kathy Lee 500; Laura Densmore 393t; Annie Lee Price 384; Nate Green and Norma Green 41.


The afternoon session was called to order by Vice President John Etheridge leading song on page 145t. Leaders: Henry Johnson 377b; Bobby Jackson 282; Charlene Wallace 497; Elder Tollie Lee 144; Eloise Watkins 478; Liz Bryant 38t; Guy Bankes 28b; Ramona Lee and Tollie Lee 432; Jack Nelson 165; Johnny Lee 571; Brenda Merritt 137; Hershell King 572; John Merritt 553b; Charlotte Bishop 511b.


The final session of the day was called to order by President Don Clark leading song on page 505. Leaders: Chita Blakeley 573; Floy Wilder 224; Anita Landess 484b; Betty Wright 358; Teenie Moody and Mary Florence Smith 106; Buell Cobb 108t; Andy Anderson 427; Gavin Blakeley 30b; Elder Ben Keeble 440b; Regina Grayson 270; Leonard Price and David Lee 290; Stanley Smith 216 (in memory of Ila McGhee and Erma Jones); David Lee “Mercy Seat” (requested by Bobby Jackson).

Announcements were made of upcoming singings. We would like to thank each and everyone who came and made the day of singing a great success. A total of nine states were represented. We will meet again next year on May 26, 2001.

The class sang song on page 527 as the closing song, and Elder Tollie Lee dismissed the class with prayer.

President—Don L. Clark; Vice President John Etheridge; Secretary—Amy Lee.