The Sacred Harp: A Tradition and its Music

by Buell E. Cobb, Jr. 

An excellent and unique scholarly account of all aspects of the Sacred Harp tradition. Required reading for every serious Sacred Harp singer. The author is an Alabamian who was drawn into Sacred Harp in his college years and later wrote a Master's thesis on the subject. Whereas other scholarly studies by musicologists examine the tradition from the outside, Mr. Cobb, whose phenomenal treble voice is heard at many singings each year, observes and analyzes the musical and social aspects of the Southern tradition from the inside, yet with objectivity and perspicacity. First published in hardback in 1978 and in paperback edition in 1989 with a new preface describing the status of Sacred Harp singing in 1988. The reader should be cautioned that the appendix listing all Southern singings, not revised since 1978, lists many singings that have since been discontinued.

Unfortunately, this book is currently out of print.

(taken from Steven Sabol's Sacred Harp Resource Guide)