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The United Sacred Harp Musical Association

Church of Our Savior, Atlanta, Georgia

September 7-8, 2013

Saturday, September 7

The 110th session of The United Sacred Harp Musical Association met at the Church of Our Savior, Atlanta, Georgia, on the second Sunday and Saturday before in September. The class was called to order by David Ivey leading 36b. The morning prayer was offered by Roberta Strauss. Father John Bolton welcomed singers and guests.

Leaders: Matt Hinton 32t; Roberta Strauss 431; Scott DePoy 179; Lela Crowder 145t; John Plunkett 297; Michael Thompson 392; Jesse P. Karlsberg 303; Bridgett Kennedy 186; Darrell Swarens 335; Cindy Tanner 269; John Kelso 438; Karis Askin, Wyatt Denney, and Phillip Denney 143; Ron Harper 492; Eli Hinton 77t; Drew McGuire 542; Karen Rollins 278t; Ann Gray 142; Chris Tweedy and Eric Tweedy 61; Zilpha Cornett 480; Maurice York 31t; James Aaron 47b.


The class was brought back to order by David Ivey leading 426t. Leaders: Jessie Roberts 534; Kelly Morris 535; Charlene Wallace 185; Jerusha Wheeler 348t.

A business session was held. Ms. Nora Parker resigned her position as secretary after forty one years of service for the United Sacred Harp Musical Association. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Matt Hinton; Vice Chairman—Danny Creel; Secretary—Angela Myers; Assistant Secretary—Nora Parker; Chaplain—Eddie Mash; Arranging Committee—Cindy Tanner and Lauren Bock; Memorial Committee—Henry Johnson and Bridgett Kennedy; Resolutions Committee—Lela Crowder, Daire O’Sullivan, Eimear O’Donovan, and Kate Kirwan; Location Officer—Rodney Ivey; Finance Committee—Michael Spencer and Riley Lee.

Leaders: Michael Spencer 393; Carolyn Thompson 500; Jessica Harris 29b.


The class was brought back to order by Rodney Ivey, Theresa Parker, and Juli Coffey leading 39b. Leaders: Jason Stanford 548; Debra Grosse 455; Eric Tweedy and Valerie Ferguson 377; Bea Aaron 475; Sandra Wilkinson 277; David Smead 148; Katherine Eldridge 457; Chris Noren 507; Anna Hinton 300; Bill Hollingsworth 180; Annaliza Cull 268; Mark Godfrey 203; Lisa Bennett and Summer Gotschall 112; Joseph Stone and Judy Mincey 113; Jenna Strizak 195; George Burnette 81t; John Whittemore 34t; Henry Johnson 96.


The afternoon session was called to order by Lauren Bock leading 90. Leaders: Eddie Mash 168; Daphene Causey 442; Daire O’Sullivan 318; Riley Lee 545; Angela Myers 172; Kate Kirwan 440; Eimear O’Donovan 460; Sharon DuPriest 391; Erin Mills and Amy Armstrong 383; Phillip Denney and grandchildren 84; J.R. Hardman 452; Erica Martinez 302; Wendy Futral 327; Virginia Eldridge 352; Jackson Fleder 212; Karen Ivey 201; James Eldridge 368; Susan Cherones 173; Faiz Wareh 273; Ellen Gwynn, Beverly Dayton, and Alice Bejnar 347; Rebecca Eldridge 487; Richard Ivey 567; Leigh Cooper 564; Matt Hinton and Max Arbes 448t.


The class was brought back to order by Nathan Rees leading 35. Leaders: Pattie Wareh 47t; David Brodeur 344; Martha Beverly 464; B.M. Smith 448b; Tarik Wareh 69t; Jim Glaser 569t; Anne Drexler 454; Tim Reynolds 527; Reba Windom 546; Gail Doss and Valerie Ferguson 547; Mike Richards 53; Cora Wareh 127; John Hollingsworth 214; Erica Hinton 215; Tony Hammock 102; Jonathon Smith 418; Rose Marie Yntema 183; Daniel Bearden 450; Eva Striebeck 328; Ted Mercer 126; Rexanna Lester 46; Phillip Langley 430; Robert Raymond 42.

Matt Hinton led 45b as the closing song. Eddie Mash offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, September 8

The Sunday session of the United Sacred Harp Musical Association was called to order by Matt Hinton leading 59. Eddie Mash offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Danny Creel 196; Eddie Mash 556; Lauren Bock and Cindy Tanner 436; Angela Myers 278t; Nora Parker 276; Henry Johnson 164; Bridgett Kennedy 448b; Lela Crowder 472; Daire O’Sullivan 67; Eimear O’Donovan 111b; Kate Kirwan 373; Rodney Ivey and Bridgett Kennedy 170; Michael Spencer 382; Riley Lee 68t; Jeannette DePoy 319; Margie Smith and B.M. Smith 512; Judy Mincey 468; Cathy White 168; Oscar McGuire 485; Malinda Snow 492.


The class was brought back to order by Lauren Bock and Ellen Culpepper leading 105. Leaders: Ken Tate 107; Wanda Capps 200; Rebecca Eldridge and Darrell Swarens 182; Louis Hughes 166; Faiz Wareh 569b; Jackson Fleder 445; Anne Drexler 34b; Richard Mauldin 35.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Henry Johnson and Bridgett Kennedy. Henry Johnson read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Mary Gardner, Charles Kitchens, Josephine Denney, Eugene Forbes, Floy Wilder, Pat Meek, Allen DuBose, Karen Edwards, Josie Hyde, Geneva Prichard, Shelbie Sheppard, Louise Holland, Raymond Hamrick, Loraine Bayer, Kermit Adams, Ozella Blackmon, Toney Smith, Levoy Smith, Betty Wright, Betty Shepherd, Johnnie Chafin, Carroll Lunsford, and Elsie Moon. Bridgett and Henry led 411 in their honor.

Bridgett Kennedy read the following list of names of the deceased: Gertrude DeLong, Bud Oliver, Lessie Reed, Jeff Sheppard, Charles Creel, Bufrey Dean, Myrtle Ann Beasley, Leona Haynes, Pernie Adams Pelfrey, Leanna Ivey, Charles Wright—Alabama; Violet Thomason, Nancy Yeager, Mike Dunn—Georgia; Eva Padgett—Florida; Kelly Day—Indiana; Anita Jones—Kentucky; Jim Hearne—Missouri; Evelyn Steinruck—Pennsylvania; Clayton Ezell—Tennessee; Margaret Hyde—Ireland. Henry Johnson and Bridgett Kennedy led 30b in their memory. Eddie Mash offered prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Karen Ivey 532; James Eldridge 392; Susan Cherones 209; Daniel Bearden 225b; Ellen Gwynn 163b; Mike Richards 290.


Jesse P. Karlsberg and Lily Oster called the class back to order by leading 270. Leaders: Roberta Strauss 282; Jonathon Smith 419; Carolyn Thompson 85; Bill Hollingsworth 320; Reba Windom 216; Rachel Rudi and Robert Raymond 186; Richard Ivey 187; Ted Mercer 189; Eva Striebeck 506; Coy Ivey 384; Tim Reynolds 66; Martha Beverly 504; Ann Jett 269; Tarik Wareh 128; Katherine Eldridge 418; Brad Knoke 121; Cora Wareh 354b; David Ivey 298; Erica Martinez 348b; Sharon DuPriest 137; Chris Noren 503; Cheyenne Ivey 222; Virginia Eldridge 570; Jim Glaser 80b; Matt Hinton, Bobby Powers, and Robyn Powers 47t.


Jesse P. Karlsberg and Leah Goldberg brought the class back to order leading 48t. Leaders: Jerusha Wheeler 217; Nathan Rees and Megan Friddle 380; Gail Doss 110; Pattie Wareh 159; Phillip Langley 172; Daphene Causey 434; Darrell Swarens and Cindy Tanner 198; David Smead and Lisa Bennett 340; John Hollingsworth and Bill Hollingsworth 236; Martha Ann Stegar 368; Wendy Futral, J.R. Hardman, and Erin Mills 349; Mark Godfrey and Leigh Cooper 76b; Russ Hanson and Sandra Wilkinson 300; Erica Hinton 228; David Brodeur and Andy Ditzler 86; John Plunkett, Father John Bolton, and Amy Armstrong 447.

A business session was held to hear committee reports. The secretary reported that donations covered expenses with a positive balance going forward. The Location Officer reported that the 2014 United Sacred Harp Musical Association will be held at Union Baptist Church, located in Warrior, Alabama.

The Resolutions Committee submitted the following report: We, the resolutions committee of the 110th session of the United Sacred Harp Musical Association, resolve to thank God for allowing us to meet in fellowship and sing together at the Church of Our Savior, Atlanta, Georgia.

We resolve to thank the officers of the convention and the committees for their work and dedication. We resolve to thank all of those who brought food and helped with the preparations. We resolve to thank everyone who came to lend their voices. We resolve to meet again next year on the second Sunday in September and Saturday before at Union Baptist Church, Warrior, Alabama. All reports were approved and the business session was closed.

Matt Hinton and Erica Hinton led 347 as the closing song. Eddie Mash offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Matt Hinton; Vice Chairman—Danny Creel; Secretaries—Angela Myers and Nora Parker