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The Connexion and Jeremiah Ingalls Singing

Newbury, Vermont

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Chairman Tom Malone welcomed singers to the second Connexion and Jeremiah Ingalls Singing in Newbury, Vermont, on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in July. The singing was from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, as well as the four-shape edition of Ingallss book edited in 2005.

The first session was held from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition.

Chairman Tom Malone called the class to order with [31t]. The opening prayer was given by Rev. Donald Towle.

Leaders: Joanna Lampert [52t]; Ben Bath [217]; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg [148]; Dan Hertzler [274t]; Lynette Combs [178]; Ishmael Stefanov [48b]; Margaret Bornick [182]; Duncan Vinson [100]; Kelsey Sunderland [501]; Michael Heyerman [163t]; Pleasance Crawford [486]; Ronald Bornick [454]; Joanne Fuller [129]; Paul Setford [37b]; Scott Luscombe [272]; Susan Jaster [297]; L.H. Spencer [260]; David Boyle [47t]; Barbara Swetman [203]; Greg Mulkern [222].

The second morning session was held from the 2005 four-shape edition of The Christian Harmony by Jeremiah Ingalls. (ICH) Leaders: Tom Malone 2 (ICH); Terry Ryan [67]; Aldo Ceresa 5 (ICH); Tony Barrand 7 (ICH); Patty Cuyler 175 (ICH); Joanna Lampert 78 (ICH); Neil Strickland 32 (ICH); Donald Towle 105 (ICH); Peter Amidon 24 (ICH); Bill Holt 60 (ICH); Susan Jaster 66 (ICH); Dan Hertzler 185 (ICH); Robert Dove 243 (ICH); Ben Bath 35 (ICH); Ishmael Stefanov 121 (ICH); Barbara Swetman 25 (ICH); Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 119 (ICH); Greg Mulkern 101 (ICH); Duncan Vinson 15 (ICH); Scott Luscombe 31 (ICH); Margaret Bornick 182 (ICH); L.H. Spencer 73 (ICH).


Following lunch, tunes from both books were lead for the duration of the singing. Tom Malone called the class to order with 227 (ICH).

Leaders: Robert Dove [66]; Paul Setford 8 (ICH); Pleasance Crawford and Chuck Crawford [381]; Bill Holt 201 (ICH); Patty Cuyler and Olga Velitchkine [107]; Aldo Ceresa [442]; Ian Smiley 97 (ICH); Kelsey Sunderland [142]; Peter Amidon 173 (ICH); Isobel Arthen [168]; Tony Barrand 11 (ICH); Nicola Collet [245]; Anne Kaslauskas [218]; Debby Moody 120 (ICH); Don Towle 125 (ICH); Joanna Lampert 45 (ICH); Jack McGrath 241 (ICH); Joanne Fuller and Pam Regan [71]; Silas Barker [183]; Tom Malone [240].


Tom Malone called the class to order with [313b]. Leaders: Ron Bornick [334]; Mason Gohl [267]; Terry Ryan 207 (ICH); Elka Schumman [547]; Lynnette Combs [528]; Neil Strickland [384]; Margaret Bornick [236]; Michael Heyerman [333]; David Boyle [163b], [131t]; Barbara Swetman 215 (ICH); Bill Holt [335]; Joanne Fuller [155]; Ann Kaslauskas [228]; Ian Smiley 99 (ICH); Susan Jaster 177 (ICH); Donovan Arthen and Nikola Collet [276]; Dan Hertzler 46 (ICH); Elka Schumman [497]; Scott Luscombe [532]; Debby Moody [306]; Greg Mulkern 82 (ICH); Joanna Lampert 48 (ICH); Carol Medlicott [270]; Patty Cuyler [504]; Ishmael Stefanov 127 (ICH); Tony Barrand 117 (ICH) (in memory of Margaret MacArthur); Aldo Ceresa and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 221 (ICH).

Chairman Tom Malone noted the presence of many young people from the nearby Village Harmony Camp and requested that they lead [299] all together, recognizing the importance of passing this music to another generation of leaders.

Tom Malone led 57 (ICH) as the closing song. Rev. Don Towle offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman--Tom Malone; Secretary--Joanna Lampert.