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Smithsonian New Harmonies Singing

Harmony Primitive Baptist Church, Calhoun, Georgia

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A special day of singing was held at Harmony Primitive Baptist Church in conjunction with the Smithsonian traveling exhibit, New Harmonies. This exhibit explores the roots of music in America and is being presented in towns with populations of less than 20,000. Calhoun is the first city in Georgia to host the exhibit.

Judy Mincey opened the singing by leading 59. Elder Bob Mitchell welcomed the singers and visitors, and prayed for a blessing on the day.

Leaders: Judy Mincey 63 (with Jane Powers Weldon, local event co-coordinator for New Harmonies); John Plunkett 52t, 52b; Lee Cooper 138t, 29b; Billy Hollingsworth 540, 569t; Mike Spencer 278t, 205; John Hollingsworth 58, 354t; Mark Godfrey 29t, 65; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 45t, 105; Helen Bryson 100, 176t; David Brodeur 47t, 47b; Melanie Hardy 159, 143.


John Plunkett called the class to order leading 81t. Coy Coggins 108t, 354b; Will Dover 146; Hayden Arp 283, 39b; Bob Mitchell 39t, 75; Judy Mincey 475, 569b (with Susan Stanley); John Plunkett 175, 92; Leigh Cooper 57, 203; Billy Hollingsworth 136, 492; Mike Spencer 499, 467; John Hollingsworth 164. John Plunkett said grace over a bountiful meal.


John Plunkett led 49t to open the afternoon session. Leaders: Hayden Arp 318, 389; Mark Godfrey 270, 56t; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 285b, 282; Helen Bryson 217, 365: David Brodeur 276, 178; Melanie Hardy 68b, 84; Susan Stanley 48t; Bob Mitchell 155, 154; Judy Mincey 180; John Plunkett and Percy Tate 312b; Leigh Cooper 440; Hayden Arp and Tammy Jordan 408; Billy Hollingsworth 285t; Mike Spencer 420; John Hollingsworth 44; Mark Godfrey 335; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 345b (for Virginia Douglas of Knoxville at the request of Judy Mincey); Helen Bryson 313b; David Brodeur 112; Melanie Hardy 491; Bob Mitchell 341.

After announcements, Judy Mincey lead 347 as the closing song. Elder Bob Mitchell dismissed the class with prayer.

Secretary—Judy Mincey