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Berkshire Foothills Sacred Harp Singing

The Old Meeting House, Granville, Massachusetts

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The 1st annual Berkshire Foothills All Day Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Joanne Fuller leading 47t. George Seiler offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were appointed: Chairlady—Joanne Fuller; Vice Chairman—Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg; Secretary—Joanna Lampert; Arranging Committee—Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg.

Leaders: Joanne Fuller 39t; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 317, 36b; Joanna Lampert 421, 312b; John Holbrook and Greta Holbrook 34b, 49b; Lydia Vernon-Jones 168; Ed Smith 58, 474; Kitty Kagay 52t, 379; Holly Laws 276, 180; Elizabeth Stoddard 77b, 440; Laura Borrelli 77t, 277; George Seiler 503, 480; Terry Ryan 287, 186.


Jennie Brown called the class together leading 335. Leaders: Berk Meitzler 369, 496; Victoria Bolles 150, 269; Russ Vernon-Jones 171; Caitlin Caufield 56b, 442; Paula Picton 411, 286; Liz Meitzler 215, 67; Andrew Magee 47b, 512; Miranda Elliott Rader 410t, 288; Eliza Cavanaugh 68b; George Pomfret 38b, 163b.


Chris Holley called the class together leading 105. Leaders: Anne Kazlauskas 95, 475; Katherine Collett 122, 84; Liz Cantrell 89, 117; Jack Sullivan 50t, 102.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Tim Eriksen. He led 236 in memory of the following deceased: Ernest Hodur, Steve Whitney, David Stryker, Mimi McConchie, Helen Donovan, Eunice Woodbury—Massachusetts; Agnes Bryant, Gail Birch, Ruth Pierce Hulsey—Maine; Helen Smulyan, William Powers—Pennsylvania; Joanne Foster, Anah Jackson—Wisconsin; Eric York—Arizona; Frances Rolph Stankavich, Barry Talesnick, Pat McDowell—New York; Mirjana Lausevic, Minnesota; Reese House—Washington, DC; Dorothy Collett—England; Les Wright—Vermont; LaRue Allen—Alabama; Gladys McGraw, Elder Homer Benefield—Georgia.

John Holbrook led 415 for the following sick and shut-ins: Claudia Smigelski, Wendy Karlsberg-Meltzer, Barbara Wilda, Madge McQueen, Chuck Hutler, Lydia Wacker, Clarice Rodier, Emo Barbero, and Art Anger. The memorial lesson was closed with a prayer offered by Tim Eriksen.

Leaders: Diane Mennella 318, 448t; Dean Jens 313b, 377; Abby Minor 339; Margaret Bornick 472, 486; Carole Dempsey 101t, 114; Leonard Spencer 216, 260.


The afternoon session was called together by Liz Meitzler leading 142. Leaders: Lauren Bock 209, 436; Lynn deBenedette 426b, 542; Dan Hertzler 547, 550; Aldo Ceresa 532, 396; Kiri Miller 430, 448b; Tim Eriksen 37b, 192; Laura Clawson 29t, 228; Ben Bath 362, 189; Chris Holley 107, 229; Guy Bankes 183, 193; Linda Shea 300, 306; George Sigut 178; Peter Irvine 33b, 217.


Paula Picton and Jim Picton called the class together leading 155. Leaders: Jean Seiler 313t, 198; Greg Mulkern 425, 212; Rachel Speer 213t, 505.

A business session was held. The Secretary reported that 102 songs were led by 56 leaders from 8 states and two countries. Announcements were made.

Leaders: Ron Bornick 454; Justin Squizzero 372, 536; Jennie Brown 163t, 564; Kathe Pilibosian 86; Anne Johnston 29b, 294; James Baumgartner 76b, 347; Linda Shea 87 (by request).

Joanne Fuller, Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, and Joanna Lampert led 62 as the closing song. George Seiler offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairlady—Joanne Fuller; Vice Chairman—Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg; Secretary—Joanna Lampert