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New York State Sacred Harp Convention

Rochester Area Mennonite Fellowship, Rochester, New York

October 20-21, 2007

Saturday, October 20

The 19th session of the New York State Convention was held on the third Sunday and Saturday before in October at the Rochester Area Mennonite Fellowship in Rochester, New York. Thom Metzger called the class to order leading 171. Bob Wheeler offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Barbara Swetman 145t; Laura Densmore 142; Eileen Metzger 38t; Sue DeVuyst 107; Chris Haller 351; Sue Hengelsberg 504; Ben Burroughs 178; Ron Bornick 148; Nancy Crawford 335; Michael Heyerman 299; Jerusha Wheeler 217; Jo Schultz 492; Margaret Bornick 486; Chuck Crawford 378t; Bob Wheeler 99; Scott Luscombe 532; Terry Ryan 94; Ginny Huszagh 344; Michael Kaye 340; Jean Seiler 200; Adrian Mariano 296; John Redman 66; Crystal Burnham 179; Greg Mulkern 426b.


The class was called to order by Margaret Bornick leading 228. Leaders: Anne Kazlauskas 280; Lucy Roberts 542; Joni Seidenstein 319; George Seiler 168; Hal Kunkel 337; Pleasance Crawford 564; John Plunkett 485; Kathy Manning 543; John delRe 152; Kim Moreno 328; Thom Metzger 274t; Dan Hertzler 218; Guy Bankes 327; Kevin Griffin Moreno 507; Leyland delRe 174; Gillian Inksetter 503; Doron Henkin 455; Kelly Macklin 477; Nora Dunn 517; Chris Bracken 358; Gerry Hoffman 40; Ernest Blake 85; Laura Densmore 370; G.C. Waldrep 260; Rachel Speer 102. Kim Moreno offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Leyland delRe called the class to order leading 32t. Leaders: Melody Johnson 72b; Eric Bean 285t; Sue DeVuyst 282; Aldo Ceresa 411; Barbara Swetman 542; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 183; Hal Kunkel 392; John Plunkett 466; Eileen Metzger 76b; Kathy Manning 560; Pleasance Crawford 540; John delRe 118; Dan Hertzler 192; Kevin Griffin Moreno 444; Gillian Inksetter 452; Nora Dunn 216; Guy Bankes 352; Kelly Macklin 377; G.C. Waldrep 306; Rachel Speer 483; Greg Mulkern 316; Jean Seiler 472; Crystal Burnham 506; Leyland delRe 434; Ginny Huszagh 56b; Jerusha Wheeler 86; Doron Henkin 464; Gerry Hoffman 42; Adrian Mariano 419; Jo Schultz 150.


George Seiler brought the class back by leading 68b. Leaders: Bob Wheeler 276; Scott Luscombe 353; Dennis Leipold 137; Chuck Crawford 569b; Ann Kazlauskas 101b; Terry Ryan 225t; Michael Kaye 318; John Redmond 143; Lucy Roberts 163t; Chris Haller 551; Joni Seidenstein 191; Chris Bracken 480; Ernest Blake 481; Laura Densmore 383; Thom Metzger 269; Ron Bornick 454; Sue Hengelsberg 474; Ben Burroughs 479; Michael Heyerman 373; Margaret Bornick 313b; Dennis Leipold 112; Kim Moreno 87; Aldo Ceresa 182; Melody Johnson 33b; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 53; Eric Bean 70b; George Seiler and Jean Seiler 146.

Thom Metzger led 47t as the closing hymn, and the class was dismissed for the day.

Sunday, October 21

Barbara Swetman conducted the memorial lesson for the deceased, and led 70t for the following: Harlow Russell, Lillian Singer, D. Nelson Adams, and Marge Hein—New York; LaRue Allen—Alabama; Nina Hoffman, and Christiane Liswell—Maryland; William Powers—Pennsylvania; Elder Homer Benefield—Georgia; Marianne Kaye—California; Minna Levine—Florida; Reese House—District of Columbia; Joseph Lionel LaBlanc (Joe King)—Ontario.

G.C. Waldrep conducted the lesson for the sick and shut-ins, and led 270 for the following: Virginia Luscombe, Claudia Smigelski, David Bornick, Katie White, Lydia Wacker, Gladys McGraw, Rich Svetich, and Amanda Denson. The class was led in prayer by Eileen Metzger.

Leaders: Scott Luscombe 56b; Kathy Manning 302; Dan Hertzler 82t; Kelly Macklin 75; John Plunkett 74t; Jean Seiler 448t; Joel Miller 313b; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 275t; Kevin Griffin Moreno 227; Thom Metzger 108b; Aldo Ceresa 532; Aubrey Hemminger 163b; G.C. Waldrep 192; Rachel Speer 153; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg and Will Gilman 129; Greg Mulkern 222; Leyland delRe 436; Doron Henkin 193; Crystal Burnham 300. Guy Bankes offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Laura Densmore brought the class to order leading 106. Leaders: Ginny Huszagh 254; Gerry Hoffman 362; Katie Reimers 178; Rick Dempsey 268; Barbara Swetman 125; Hal Kunkel 89; Scott Luscombe 481; Nora Dunn 386; Jo Schultz 198; Laura Densmore 376; Dennis Leipold 475; Rebecca Rinsema 162; Kim Moreno 77t; Thom Metzger 200; Joni Seidenstein 110; Guy Bankes 546; Pleasance Crawford 232.


Ginny Huszagh brought the class back by leading 34b. Leaders: Adrian Mariano 372; Eric Bean 128; John delRe 212; Ann Kazlauskas 195; Eileen Metzger 421; Margaret Bornick 497; Julia Inksetter 36b; Bob Wheeler 63; John Plunkett and Bill Reynolds 145t; Chuck Crawford 369; Melody Johnson 566; Terry Ryan 339; Michael Kaye 287; Lucy Roberts 495; John Redman 38b; Ernest Blake 84; Ron Bornick 334; Michael Heyerman 71; George Seiler 31t; Chris Haller 236; Sue Hengelsberg 175.

Thom Metzger led 347 as the closing hymn. Prayer was offered by Dennis Leipold, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Thom Metzger; Secretary—Laura Densmore