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Chatham Sacred Harp Singing

Crellin Park, Chatham, New York

Saturday, April 30, 2022

The Chatham All-Day Sacred Harp Singing was held under the pavilion at Crellin Park in Chatham, New York. The class was called to order by Allison Steel leading 81t. Tim Eriksen offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Tim Eriksen 32b; Sally Langendorf 72b; Jeremy Galvagni 100; George Sigut 448t; Wendy Sibbison 546; Kerry Cullinan 31t; Tristan Gordon 313t; Erin Fulton 53; Linda Shea 95; Larry Bingham 417; Jean Seiler 299; Becky Wright 102; Ron Trial 200; Stina Soderling 274t; Tim Gregg 91; Colleen Hayes 270; Bill Holt 222; Elsa Phemayotin 376; Mary Skidmore 42; Tim Morton 162; Myles Dakan 505; Will Harron 87.


Erin Fulton called the class back together leading 326. Leaders: Liz Patton and Lael Birch 361; Lael Birch 384; Yael Tarshish 440; Jennie Brown 399b, 349; Ron Trial 474, 198; Sally Langendorf 106; Stina Soderling 73t, 40; George Sigut 481, 86; Wendy Sibbison 456, 30t; Larry Bingham 189, 99.

Tim Eriksen facilitated the memorial lesson to grieve those deceased in the last two years. He invited the class to lead songs and share memories in honor of lost loved ones, including the following: Joan Aldridge and Coy Ivey—Alabama; David Fetcho—California; Jack Kagay—Colorado; Hooey Pen—Kentucky; Peter Golden—Maine; Keith Brown and David Kaynor—Massachusetts; Carlos Peña—Mexico City; Tedd Osgood—New Hampshire; George Gibilaro—New York; Bill Dunn—Rhode Island; Stig Olof Söderling—Sweden; Susie Trial—Texas; Rebecca Over and Norma Waterson—United Kingdom; Tony Barrand, Richard Bingham, Larry Gordon, and Leonard Spencer—Vermont; Andy Johnson, Barbara Wojcik, Elke Schumann, Jake Underhill, Solomon Ossa. Memorial lesson leaders: Tim Eriksen 250 (for Leonard Spencer); Allison Steel 294 (for Andy Johnson); Kitty Kagay 112 (for her brother, Jack Kagay); Jennie Brown 192 (for her father, Keith Brown); Colleen Hayes 524.

Linda Shea spoke and led 229 for the following sick and shut-ins: Joanne Fuller, Mary-Ellen Marino, Ethan Osgood, Emily Ross, the Shanley family, Jesse Vear, and Tarik Wareh. Tim Eriksen closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Becky Wright 315, 421; Jeremy Galvagni 74b, 300; Bill Holt 551, 550. Tim Eriksen offered the noon prayer before the meal.


The class was called back together for the afternoon session by Will Harron leading 33b and 117. Leaders: Jean Seiler 142, 273; MB Gowins 377, 196; Tim Morton 217, 168; Elsa Phemayotin 383, 426t; John Holbrook 415, 236; Allison Steel 542, 345b; Tim Gregg 426b, 452; Mary Skidmore 500, 567.


Myles Dakan called the class back together leading 207 and 129. Leaders: Alison Forster 448b, 203; Erin Fulton 458, 154; Tristan Gordon 439, 178; Kerry Cullinan 368, 451; Jennie Brown 475, 534; Lael Birch and Sam Birch 183 (for Larry Gordon); Lael Birch 146; Yael Tarshish 428; Tim Eriksen 41, 83b; John Holbrook 354t, 477.

A business meeting was held to hear reports from committees. Sally Langendorf reported that expenses were met. Tristan Gordon reported that eighty-nine songs were sung by forty-one registered singers. Tim Gregg and Tim Morton, as the Resolutions Committee, offered thanks to all the organizers, cooks, and singers who helped make the singing a success, and resolved to meet again next year. The meeting was closed, and announcements were made.

Allison Steel, Tim Eriksen, Tristan Gordon, and Sally Langendorf led 62 as the class took the parting hand. Tim Eriksen offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Allison Steel; Vice Chairman—Tim Eriksen; Secretary—Tristan Gordon